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Spiritually Dope Forecast & Predictions

🔮March Predictions🔮

The Wheel Of Fortune (reversed)

Change is in its way, in most cases this indicates a positive change, you need to allow this change to take place. 411 more words


Moldavite: The Stone of Transformation & Shadow Work Acceleration

Moldavite is a gift from the stars and is extraterrestrial in nature.  It contains within it, memories and DNA activation codes that will assist you in opening your light body to reveal the shadow imprints needed to be transmuted, healed and integrated within your body and spirit. 2,058 more words

Ascension Pathway

Looking at the Big Picture.

My professional life, such as it is, has been a whirlwind of both chaos and amazing in the last couple years. Serious ups and downs. From losing my 5th job in seven years because of drinking… to not drinking and owning an international business. 231 more words


Crystal Bed Therapy *NEW*

I have been holding back some very exciting news as this special delivery had to come all the way from Brazil! I am now the proud owner and facilitator of a Crystal Bed from the world famous healing centre, … 214 more words

Kirsty Kianifard

Sacred Geometry | The Sacred Language of Crystals - Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy | Crystal Healing | Crystal Healer | Crystal Therapy | Certified Crystal Healer | Crystal Grids | Crystal Healing Course

I always learn something new when I visit this blog. Today, it’s sacred geometry. It all about crystals… Have a read. <3

The study of the structure of many things has its basis in geometry: space, crystals, visualizing sound and vibration. 51 more words


Crystal Workshop Reviews

“Brilliant! Really informative and I feel much more confident about using crystals now and their healing properties. I loved the crystal game and chakra work.” 65 more words

SaltwaterGaia Holistic Therapy

Crystal Readings

A Crystal Reading can help release energy blockages and bring self-healing and balance back to your life. It is a powerful way to tap into your soul purpose. 44 more words

Crystal Therapy