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What Does A Broken Crystal Mean?

It happens to every crystal lover; that gut wrenching feeling when you notice a crystal broke. Whether it’s just a small chip or split into a bunch of pieces, crystals experience shifts, transitions, and changes. 448 more words

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Pink Himalayan Rock Salt in my Shop

I’m selling Pink Himalayan Rock Salt in my Etsy shop GypsySoulSeed.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is excellent for protection & detoxifying the home. Salt also can be used for Crystal Therapy & Energy Cleansing by purifying, cleansing, dispelling negativity & releasing attachments. 121 more words

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Crystal Healing : Getting Back Into It

We have always been a very crystal orientated family – thank you Waldorf education – and have used them for healing (as well as home decor and tooth fairy offerings) since I was under double figures. 569 more words

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Using Colors to Choose Crystals

Buying crystals can be confusing at first, but my favorite method to buying them is to focus on the color. Crystals that are in the same color family usually have similar frequencies that can resonate with specific states of awareness. 371 more words

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Crystal of the Week: Cinnabar

Cinnabar is often referred to as the Stone of Wealth and Manifestation and is often known as the Merchant’s Stone because it increases the wealth of a business person. 451 more words

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This is the most Powerful Protection against Negative Energies

Black Tourmaline better known as “your personal protector“, is one of the most ¬†incredible stone ¬†associated with physical and psychic protection, grounding, health, happiness, luck, and positivity. 990 more words