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Nigmabox Rundown (05/4-11/4) High Impact Sexual Violence: Gooey Edition

So, this week I tried Killer Is Dead, and it made me realize that I simply cannot play Character Action Games that implement a grading system, meaning most of them, as if you get anything beneath the highest score, well, you are just fucking up.   951 more words


Gamescroller News Debrief: 07/04/2015

Good afternoon fellow gamers I am now officially back from seeing family and able to return to my schedule as usual, though if I have done everything right you shouldn’t of noticed too much disruption! 122 more words


Amazon May Have Saved Crytek

Crytek was facing financial trouble last year, and it looks as if Amazon may have saved them. 253 more words


What the f*ck is Amazon doing...

What’s going on?

So news just broke on Kotaku regarding that big licensing deal Crytek couldn’t talk about previously. And it’s quite a strange one.Amazon is supposedly paying 50 to 70 million dollars for Cry Engine… What?

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Closing Thoughts - Ryse: Son of Rome

Coming hot off of my playthrough of The Order: 1886, Ryse is an odd beast to play now. It’s hard to imagine a more cynical showpiece game than The Order, and the reception for Ryse back in 2013 left me expecting a similar experience. 100 more words


Play Legit Podcast #16: A Season Pass Bust

J. Valdez goes to Indiana Comic Con. KJ Talks about one Season Pass in-particular, that is really ticking him off. Uncharted 4 delayed, and all the gaming news you need is up for discussion. 9 more words


Xsolla와 Crytek의 연동 성공, 그 비법과 이유

작년 가을, Crytek은 F2P 슈팅 게임 Warface Xsolla의 결제 솔루션을 연동함으로써 주요 파트너가 되었습니다. 이와 같은 변화와 Xsolla가 Crytek에게 제공하는 주요 기능에 대해 Xsolla의 연동 관리자, … 33 more words

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