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We’re excited to announce that #RobinsonJourney from #Crytek is now available for #Rift !! Learn more:…

We’re excited to announce that #RobinsonJourney from #Crytek is now available for #Rift !! Learn more:…

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Oculus/Steam New Release: Robinson: The Journey

Robinson: The Journey, the former Playstation VR exclusive, has emerged on the Oculus store and Steam Store, san Oculus Touch support unfortunately. Oculus Rift player will have to make do with a gamepad for this title. 110 more words

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19th Century Harpoon Gun

In September of 2016, I took an art test for Crytek. Total time for the project was around 70 hours and it was received with positive feedback. 12 more words

Amazing Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

More than any other medium, gaming is constantly innovating at a pretty unprecedented pace. Game engines, rendering techniques, detailed character models and simply the stories are told can be ‘outdated’ within a year or two of release, forcing developers and publishers to forever look to the future – to at least attempt to ‘predict’ what may or may not catch on, or to kickstart a trend themselves. 505 more words


Trump Inauguration is Surprise Launch of Far Cry 5

Washington, D.C. – In a move that stunned the world, developer Crytek revealed the Donald Trump election was a viral marketing campaign for their new, real-world game, Far Cry 5. 102 more words


Nigmabox Rundown (12/25-12/31) The Year of the Sexually Dynamic Homunculus

2017 has officially begun, and there really isn’t anything to talk about over the past week, as I already did a post about my favorite games of the year, as well as a general update.   475 more words