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Hindsight - Crysis 3 Review

Years after they are released, people look back at games and remember certain things.  When I think back about Final Fantasy VII, I remember the death of Aeris; when I think about Unreal Tournament, I remember my adrenaline-fueled adventures with my first competitive online multiplayer; and when I think about Crysis, I remember how amazing it looked.  1,421 more words


New Homefront: The Revolution trailer shows an impressive this first-person shooter

Homefront: The Revolution will be #released on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4, come May 20th, with Linux and Mac to come later. And this #latesttrailer to shows why this will be worth keeping an eye on. 137 more words

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Crytek Unveil The In New Trailer For The Climb up

Crytek have introduced a 2nd location for their upcoming VR encounter, The Climb, which demonstrates how players will certainly have the ability to take on towering expanses. 27 more words


CRYENGINE V revealed at GDC 2016 on a "pay what you want" basis

Crytek unveiled the newest CryEngine toolkit at GDC 2016. Keeping with #competitors Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, the engine does not come with a massive upfront #license fee. 407 more words

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Crytek's Video Game Engine CryEngine Is Now Free

Crytek has announced that CryEngine will now allow a “pay what you want” model to allow access to the engine and source code for little or no money. 123 more words


Homefront: The Revolution ‘Closed Beta’ First Impressions- APGNation

There is one word that describes Homefront: The Revolution’s beta perfectly, janky. The graphics harken back toCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the framerate is jerky at the best of times, and the collision detection is just pathetic. 57 more words

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Hideo Kojima World Tour And Talking About What He Learned

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has reflected again on his recent world tour in search of the “newest technology,” specifically around his drive to “keep running” to stay ahead of the curve. 281 more words