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Backlog Project: Far Cry 3

I’m by no means a specialist in first-person shooters, and only once in a great while I even find interest in playing those kinds of games. 1,151 more words

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TimeSplitters 4 - Are We Ready?

Back in 2004 I got myself Time Splitters 2 and changed my I viewed first person shooters massively. Only a year later when the third and last instalment called Time Splitters: Future Perfect; this game grew on me as a game series I would love for the rest of my days. 998 more words

Ryse: Son of Rome - Review

Ryse: Son of Rome is about the adventure of one man as he struggles to save Rome while trying to figure out who is friend and who is foe. 1,528 more words


Crysis 3 - Review

Prophet has returned and he is determined to wipe out Cell and the Ceph. Crysis 3 begins with you trying to get into the New York biodome so that you can eradicate the Ceph once and for all. 1,288 more words


Homefront: The Revolution (PS4)

In Homefront’s alternate reality, North Korea’s corporation Apex (a stand-in for Apple) blanketed America with their technology – tablets, phones, weapons. When North Korea decided to invade, they flipped a kill switch and shut down their products, weapons included. 389 more words


CRYENGINE Source Code released on Github as pay-what-you-want

#Crytek has #released the engine source code for the latest CRYENGINE on GitHub.

Back at GDC in March, Crytek made an #announcement the company would release the full engine source code under a “Pay What You Want” model. 232 more words

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Hindsight - Crysis 3 Review

Years after they are released, people look back at games and remember certain things.  When I think back about Final Fantasy VII, I remember the death of Aeris; when I think about Unreal Tournament, I remember my adrenaline-fueled adventures with my first competitive online multiplayer; and when I think about Crysis, I remember how amazing it looked.  1,421 more words