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Crysis After 10 Years: The Future Of Shooters That Never Was

The original Crysis turned 10 this week and every article I’ve seen observing this event has been a return to the “Can it run Crysis… 1,087 more words


How Crysis Changed The Gaming Industry Forever

The Crysis series was memorable for its graphics. When it first released, it was a BIG deal. But why exactly? Crysis is one of those games that changed the gaming industry forever. 54 more words


Hunt: Showdown - Crytek's Swamp-'Splorin, Evil-Exorcising Game Has a New Early Access Trailer

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown, the spiritual successor to the immensely popular Darksiders franchise from the late studio THQ, has just had an early access trailer dropped: 754 more words


Stealth Games Shouldn't Judge Non-Stealth Tactics

From what I can tell, most people writing about Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (which I just finished) center on how its no longer judging players for killing was very liberating. 837 more words


Hunt: Showdown Will Go Early Access On Steam

The first-person multiplayer game from Crytek, Hunt: Showdown will have an Early Access release on Steam. Their press release states, ‘Hunt is a competitive first person bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements.’ 127 more words


Hunt: Showdown Gets 12 Minutes Of Spicy Gameplay

IGN recently released new gameplay of Hunt Showdown. The game initially caught my eye at this years E3, the game is a first person shooter where two players hunt down monsters. 41 more words


Bloody Centurion

Ryse: Son of Rome • Defeat 100 Enemies In Multiplayer • 15G • 19.25% of gamers unlocked this

I had a bit of a thought around 11.30pm last night as I was winding up some Destiny 2 strikes that I should just persevere and wait until midnight ticked over and try for a Ryse achievement, but instead I opted to go to bed and I don’t regret the decision. 138 more words