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Hunt: Showdown - CRYENGINE V Tech Demo GDC 18

CRYENGINE V is proven in AAA production – our latest rendering and game design features are at your disposal, skillfully brought to life by our talented in-house game developers; shown at the example of Hunt: Showdown.


The Hunt Begins...

Venturing into the depths of the Lousiana Swamp, you and a group of rugged bounty hunters race to rid the world of ghostly, monstrous beings. Doing so will reward you with fame and tons of money! 551 more words


Crytek's Hunt: Showdown enters Early Access

Crytek has released a video to announce that its unique monster hunter has now gone live in Early Access:

A few months ago I covered Hunt: Showdown… 680 more words

Hunt: Showdown: Patch 0.5!

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game early enough in development to say “Patch 0.5 is now live” … ehh….

Anyway, this one has brought a few goodies with it! 655 more words

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Good Games Podcast: Episode 192 - Hearts On Fire


Frank and Alex try to make sense of the weird weather patterns, learn some hard lessons by way of Hitman, explore the depths of an alien ocean in… 154 more words


Hunt:Showdown Discussion

Crytek’s latest game, Hunt: Showdown, is now live on Steam’s Early Access platform. At first glance, it looks a bit like other shooters in the survival or battle royale genre. 192 more words

Hunt: Showdown: Episode 2 now live!

Our latest YouTube video, HUNT: SHOWDOWN – “We didn’t do nuttin’ but we nicked a bounty!” is now live.

Hunt: Showdown is quickly becoming one of our more frequently played games, however it doesn’t seem to be receiving much coverage from the gaming community – and we want to change that!

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