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C. S. Lewis and Scripture

My brother recently asked me about C. S. Lewis and his views on Scripture, specifically that he’d heard that Lewis didn’t believe in the Old Testament. 675 more words


In Defence of Language

I’ve just started reading CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity. I am once again astounded by how skilled CS Lewis was at taking complex concepts and explaining them in ordinary, accessible language. 767 more words


20 Interesting Quotes on the Power and Pleasure of Reading

Reading has the power to change lives. It is one medium by which we listen to people we’ve never met and may never meet, learn from them, gain insight into others’ experiences and travel the world without whipping out a passport. 16 more words

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A beast most savage?

“Our last contest is against the spirit of pride. Albeit it is the last disease we have to fight and the closing member of the list, yet in time and origin it is first of all. 592 more words

quoteworthy – the return

“‘Aslan is on the move. The Witch’s magic is weakening.’ And Lucy felt running through her that deep shiver of gladness which you only get if you are being solemn and still.” 67 more words


Christianity in a Word

Just One Word

London, circa 1940.

The room was crowded—full of sharp minds and tweed coats. Some men mumbled. Some scratched their heads in silence. No one could think of an answer. 561 more words


Let there be light

This is the time when darkness is winning the battle with light. We now have 13½ hours from sundown to sunrise, in another 2 months it will be 16½. 309 more words

Faith And Life