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Avoiding Writing, During Times of Pain

And Why We Shouldn’t

Pain; nobody likes it although it’s not that uncommon to hear people say that nothing good comes without some pain being involved, or that they really grew during times of pain. 

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Looking Back to the Future

Merriam-Webster defines nostalgia as “a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition.” Nostalgia is a natural thing. 559 more words

Thoughtful Thursday

mud pies in the slum

Working with young people I have heard this a lot: they take something in their life and add “is life” to it.  It could be anything that a person holds important whether it is an activity, a product, a relationship, etc. 1,015 more words



I’m still in my first stage of young adult noveling, and since I’m also in a stage of depression (lack of motivation), my patience is even lower, and I am not reading enough YA to write anything, so my story is at a standstill. 387 more words


TBP! Revisited: Are We Eternal Children?

Are We Eternal Children?

Nerds! They’re everywhere! And worst of all, they look like us now! They could be anyone. They could be me… they could be YOU! 1,144 more words

That Bloody Podcast!

Sunday Inspirations

Happy Sunday!

What a crazy busy weekend I’ve had! A plus when it’s spent with my favorite people. And made a final decision on a big trip this fall which means a lot more travel research to do and plans to make. 95 more words


Please, Put Your Hands Down

Illustration by Luke Forwoodson

This past week was Founders Week at Moody Bible Institute. It consisted of many keynote speakers introduced by many opening speakers introduced by many  446 more words

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