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Easy Coding

I see a lot of articles online advocating coding bootcamps, or trying to lure people into my field with the promise that learning to code is ‘easy’, often written by programmers themselves. 561 more words

TIFF 2016: Bezness as Usual

There was a great void within Alex Pitstra that consumed much of his youth. Raised by his mother Anneke, Alex longed to know more about his estranged father Mohsen. 461 more words


Get starting into CS!

I started learning programming 2weeks ago.

Looking at some webpages and reddit subs, decided to start from Python.

No I’m doing this: LPTHW , and this(from today): … 53 more words


#22: The To-Do List for 2016 Leftover

Decided to write myself a to-do list for the rest of this year since my notebook is far away aka in my bag on the other side of the room (i’m lazy, i know). 86 more words

Formal verification of software

Formal verification is a relatively new computer science tool that’s been imported from mathematics. It uses the methods of mathematical logic to define a calculus which can prove individual theorems as part of an overall system, or model. 267 more words


TIFF 2016: Twisted

On the night of May 20, 1996 a tornado hit a drive-in theatre in Thorold, Ontario. The moment was notable due to the fact that the summer blockbuster Twister was playing at the time. 249 more words


TIFF 2016: Clair Obscur

At first glance, it is unclear why Turkish writer-director Yesim Ustaoglu has set her sights on two vastly different women. By all accounts Chenaz (Funda Eryigit) is the embodiment of the modern Turkish woman. 311 more words