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ACA CS6 tests for Illustrator and InDesign

Practice tests are now available for Adobe ACA CS6 certification exams for Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe InDesign CS6.

Fashion - Making Dramatic✔️

Tutorial her:

Idag gjorde jeg den korteste av dem som er der tror jeg? 2 minutt og 49 sekund ahaha. I denne videoen tok jeg ned brightnessen og contrasten også lå jeg til en gradiant etter hvor lyset traff modellen. 25 more words

Uke 15-17 Fashion

Task 43) Application of technical skills in Photoshop

Firstly we had to create a vignette for our director in order to keep the photo on the darker side; this conforms to the noir setting. 415 more words

Target Audience

GIF Practice

I had a session few Fridays ago at university where my tutor taught us how to create GIF images. I am familiar with the image file as I use it regularly on social media and even create myself some with my personal videos and a GIF maker online. 565 more words

Digital Practice

Supply & Demand

Young faithful black man, they treat me as a rarity

Thought I was a joke, tried to treat me like a parody

Time to introduce the concept that’s called scarcity… 328 more words