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Another ugly Aussie in the frame of a game in trouble

Justin Langer was the David Warner of his time. How can he be considered part of the eradication of the monster he and Warner helped create and grow?

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Safe to Eat?

OK, raise your hands if all this talk of salmonella and E-Coli is ticking you off.

What is it with the inability to keep food sources safe? 385 more words


CSA Saturday 3&4

So I’m one month in  to my CSA program and it has been fun experimenting and using the herbs and veggies in various recipes. Bonus week 3 I got some gorgeous fresh tulips and daffodils that I tromped through the mud and rain to cut myself, worth it! 867 more words

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Thoughts On Being Groomed (Yes, That Kind)

Content note: This post refers to my experiences of being groomed sexually online by an adult whilst I was a minor, and the knock-on effects those experiences had on my psyche. 1,377 more words



Behold, the humble crumble.

Not much to look at. Kinda slumpy, really.

But this rhubarb-rye dessert’s beauty—warming and comforting and rich and heady with the cool spring’s first harvest—can’t adequately be captured by the camera. 414 more words

Ate It Up


I read a news item the other day that clamped my throat shut with rage tears and will not fade from my brain.

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Slow suits on thin ice with SA’s players

“The delays have created an environment of uncertainty for players, and also for franchises who wish to secure their players.” – Tony Irish, SACA chief executive…

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