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A Letter to Our Dearly Missed Events: 2020

This year, if we didn’t learn anything in our remote classes, we did learn to wash our hands. We also learned that social connectivity is very important in keeping us sane. 564 more words

Student Life

7 Seconds- the beginning

TW: #CSA, #CPTSD, #violence

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Growing up, all of our towels were in the bathroom, hung on a hook, nailed into the wall. 586 more words

Lesson 1. Blog Post 2. CSA

The Controlled Substances Act was passed under the Nixon administration in 1970. This new bill would classify drugs into five categories. Schedule 1 drugs, classified as the most dangerous, include Marijuana, LSD, and MDMA. 68 more words

Lesson 1

7 Seconds


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7 Seconds

When I get out of the shower (after a long shower), I need 7 Seconds of quiet – that’s how long it takes for me to put on something on my hands. 325 more words

Another meeting, another chance for CSA’s board to do the wrong thing

Sorry suits cling to power despite cricket’s highest authority telling them to go.


HELL no, they won’t go. Cricket SA’s (CSA) board, that is, who dug in their heels in defiance of the latest demand for them to step down at a meeting on Thursday that went from tense to chaotic.

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CSA board survives. Again.

South Africans are weary of months of watching the suits tear the pinstripes off each other.


CSA’s board has survived another attempt to remove it from office, but a further effort is likely to be made on Sunday. 

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Mpitsang to search South Africa’s dust for diamonds

“Since my retirement I have looked to learn as much as I can about this game and put in many hours gaining that knowledge and experience.” – Victor Mpitsang, South Africa’s new selection convenor.

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