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Throwback Thursday sa University Mall.

Thursday. Coding. Commute day. Badtrip. Arte lang? Haha hindi naman pero ang inet inet kaseeee.

So.. 3rd day practice ng recognition day ni Ate Bianca sa school. 320 more words


Funding For Wellness Groups

As I was looking through my writing prompts, trying to decide what to write about today, I came across one that asked if colleges should be funding wellness groups instead of sports, which got me to thinking. 266 more words


A Modern Hero

This is a coming-of-age report I did through my English class, which really gave me some info and insight about my mom that I didn’t previously have. 761 more words


The longest march ever

If you ever played maplestory, you would have noticed that there was a medal feature imbued in it several years ago. To achieve the complete collection of the wide array, you will have to simply fulfil the stipulated requirements and before you know it, a medal is awarded to you. 1,998 more words

National Service

Drugs Are Everywhere...

Drugs are everywhere.

Whether you like it or not, they’re as evident as the very realization of their existence.

After the article was published on the inquirer, and with the open letter that was recently published, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. 652 more words

Personal Insight

Benilde: “The primary concern of the school is the welfare of the students.”

I’ve been wanting to write this blog entry yesterday but since I am a responsible Benildean, I had to focus first on a quiz and midterm exam on database, price elasticity of demand and market models. 954 more words


Finally here!

Hello Tumblr! I’m finally here! I decided to delete all of my previous posts to start fresh for 2015! I actually tried wordpress but I find it a little serious for my personal blog and almost all of my friends are here in Tumblr. 104 more words