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Canada's cyberspy agency defends proposed new powers to go on offensive

A senior official from Canada’s cyberspy agency says proposed new powers would allow it to stop a terrorist’s mobile phone from detonating a car bomb, block the ability of extremists to communicate, or prevent a foreign power from interfering in the country’s democratic process. 563 more words


Nenshi responds to negative election-night tweet from Calgary Flames staffer

Calgary mayor-elect Naheed Nenshi said he’s never met the Calgary Flames staff member who tweeted a disparaging remark about him after his re-election on Monday night. 442 more words


Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi points to ‘errors of omission’ in Flames’ arena proposal

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said Friday the arena proposal the Calgary Flames unveiled on Thursday is not the same deal they had been negotiating with the city. 575 more words


The Power of Psychological Coercion

In 1957, an Air Force sociologist named Albert Biderman published a study on how interrogators were able elicit false confessions from American soldiers held as prisoners of war during the Korean War. 859 more words

Calgary mayor Nenshi releases details of city’s latest arena offer

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and members of city council gathered together on Friday to release details of the latest arena funding offer they presented to the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) before talks apparently broke down. 1,860 more words


Four signs educators can look for in youth.

Its fall. Sometimes its hard to tell when you live in Southern California – yes, I’ve become a weather wimp. I recently visited the mid-west and the temperature started to drop, it was like I was freezing to death.   686 more words