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Government comes up with rules on construction waste management
New draft rules on construction and demolition waste proposed by the government mandates every waste generator to ensure that there is no “littering”. 345 more words

Green Buildings

Professor Margaret Boden’s talk at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risks

Professor Boden has been in the AI business long enough to have worked with John McCarthy and some of the other founders of the science of artificial intelligence. 380 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Football and rugby boot innovation: does performance drive injuries?

The new “Magistra Obra” boots from Nike have just hit the UK market for the modest price of £240. The focus of the football boots’ design is performance: enhanced grip and low weight. 672 more words


Couchsurfing : An idea everyone should try!

When I first came to know about couch surfing,  I was like “its a too good idea to be true”. The concept  was introduced to me as something which would let you stay anywhere in the world for free! 921 more words

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Our Story of Change

We can change our world every single day, by becoming that change ourselves. Making changes also necessitates that we balance out what we take from the world by giving back in return. 403 more words

Flextronics India

Cambridge University study centre focuses on risks that could annihilate mankind

Research group focuses on synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and environmental threats

 UPDATED : Sunday, 16 March, 2014, 3:23am

 Kate Whitehead

Illustration: Sarene Chan

Consider these two scenarios – supercomputers take over the world, destroying their human creators; or else a man-made virus is released, wiping out life on earth. 1,211 more words