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Muscle through

Im so goddamn tired of being tired. I’m so frustrated with “healing” or what no one in the medical profession let’s you know feels like stagnation alongside a quiet resignation of a new reality for yourself. 324 more words


My Anchovy Adventure

I never thought of myself as being adventurous with food until I became a coach for metabolic balance® and realized I might be willing to explore more than the average metabolic balancer. 664 more words

Metabolic Balancer

Spotlight: Gratitude Journals

Today I am really excited to share with you the idea of “Targeted Journaling”. You may already be a a faithful writer or you may want to begin writing but are not sure what to write about.   629 more words


Counting My Blessings

One assignment I had at the beginning of my program was to count my blessings. I generally was a person who thanked God for things in the moment but this was the first time I had just sat and taken time to consistently thank God for all the things He had done. 231 more words


Chronicle: Sleep

This week was a great week of dreams.  I have been going through a major life change, I gave up my life of international travel and independence to move home and eventually, enroll in school. 335 more words


Las Vegas trip

Seeing the Las Vegas Solar Farm for the first time! Incredible!