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Errors in Xenko Game Engine

Open-source engines in C++ are much more common than those written in C#. But there are exceptions: Xenko is one such engine, open-source and written in C#. 2,616 more words


AMA: C# WebDriver Questions

omayer asks…

how to use test data from xlsx in c# webdriver, thank you in advance.

My response…

I haven’t done this as I’ve managed data/scenarios using SpecFlow, but there’s…

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Pemrograman C# : Menghubungkan Dua Form pada C#.NET

C# adalah salah satu bahasa pemrograman yang popular saat ini. Sehingga, sangat menguntungkan jika kita memiliki kemampuan dalam pemrograman ini. Saat ini C# adalah bahasa utama yang digunakan oleh Microsoft untuk mengembangkan produk-produk aplikasinya. 246 more words


Random and Unique String Generator Challenge : Finally Solved!

Still remember about this challenge? Just a kind reminder, here is the problem statement :
“You are given a non-negative integer, which represents the length of a string that you are going to build. 394 more words


C# Calculator

This will article is to guide you to create a calculator in C# using Visual Studio. Visual Studio is a form of development software made by Microsoft to help developers create programs more easily. 268 more words

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Solving the switch statement

If you’ve read the age old refactoring book by Martin Fowler, you’d have come across his distaste for everything “if / switch”. There are some grounds to this, if you were to believe on some concept of SOLID principles, where… 132 more words


C# 6 - String Interpolation

The – in my opinion – best two C# 6 features are the null propagation operator and string interpolatation. In case you are still not using these features, here is a short introduction to string interpolation. 354 more words

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