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C#: Use Events to Program Nonblockingly

In Windows Universal Apps and many other programming targets, most of the blocking functions are asynchronous to make the UI responsive when doing blocking reading/writing/etc. However, the asynchronous functions needs special attentions when using in UI threads because it may still block the UI thread if “await” operator is used. 440 more words


Predicting Unity Physics

Unity Physics Engine is such a gift!

You really wouldn’t want to write it by yourself. However, if you’d like to know in advance, where a GameObject will be a few Update()s later, you cannot rely on it completely. 13 more words


Custom made Xamarin.Forms Radial Progress control

Although there are many controls that are missing from Xamarin.Forms the good thing is that we can customize each built in control and create our own controls that will fulfill our App requirements. 272 more words


Kitchen Calendar

Open source project launch.

Hey, Community! This time, something completely different: A kind-of-business application. A very, very simple one.

Read more: http://fa-games.de/2016/01/16/kitchen-calendar/

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