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COM & Interop Hell: To Excel or to EPPLUS?

Scrolling through a lot of questions on StackOverflow, CodeProject and other sites I often come across questions like how do I create an ExcelSheet… 274 more words


Workshop with Updates for C# 7.0 and Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio will be released on March 7th, 2017 – and my update workshop will be ready. You learn about the new features of C# 7.0, new features of Visual Studio 2017, and how the .NET Core tools and project files changed! 496 more words

.NET Core

Data Driven Tests with xUnit.net

Writing S.O.L.I.D. code doesn’t only apply to your domain model, UI code etc.. – but in fact also your test code!

In xUnit writing tests usually includes writing a bunch of methods with the attribute… 251 more words


Jon Skeet - Immutability in C# (.NET DD 2016)

In this talk Jon Skeet (Java developer at Google by daylight, C# expert and StackOverflow recordholder on C# answers by night?) dives into the different techniques and possibilities of Immutable objects in C#…


Book "Introduction to Programming with C#" now in English!

“Dear readers,

After many months, even years of hard work of over 100 participants we are proud to announce that “Intro C# book” was officially published in English… 169 more words


Кой език за програмиране да учим?

Светлин Наков: Наскоро ми попадна статистиката на колегата Мирослав Мирославов за търсенето на софтуерни инженери в българската софтуерна индустрия и не можах да се стърпя да направя коментар на тези данни и да посоча малко изводи, които можем да си направим от тях.


Visual Studio - useful tools

1. Brace Completer

– Automatically adds closing braces after typing an opening brace and pressing Enter.

More information: Brace Completer does exactly what the name says. 302 more words