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Meu primeiro post

Aloouumm, é o Matheus.

Os mais próximos entenderão este meu aloouumm doido, de algum tempo para cá estava sentido a necessidade de compartilhar minhas experiências profissionais na área de desenvolvimento de sites e back-ends, quando digo experiência não ache que sou o mago branco da programação, muito longe disso. 250 more words


NearSphere in LINQ

Starting from version 2.6 and later, MongoDb supports mainly 3 types of indexes for GeoSpatial queries:

  • 2dsphere Indexes:
    A 2dsphere index supports queries that calculate geometries on an earth-like sphere.
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Tuples with C# 7.0

To combine multiple objects of the same type, you can use arrays. To combine multiple objects of different types, tuples can be used. Tuples allow to return multiple results without the need to create a custom class, and without the need to specify… 1,087 more words


Learning NHibernate, Part I: Configuring

Hey there o/

In the last post I introduced NHibernate, the open-source Hibernate’s son that was developed for the .NET platform, and said that I would write a tutorial on how to download/install it and add it to your project. 1,904 more words


Why using finalizers is a bad idea

Not so long ago we worked on a diagnostic rule related to the finalizer check. This provoked an argument on the details of the garbage collector work and the finalization of objects. 1,234 more words


C# Literals & C# 7.0 Binary Literals and Digit Separators

Two features that were originally planned with C# 6 now seem to make it into C# 7.0: binary literals and digit separators. These are small features, but make the code easier to read. 799 more words


So this is NHibernate...

Hello guys, how are you today?

Like I said on the last post, I’ll be writing here ’bout stuff that I’m working with. I took some time thinking on what would be interesting to write today and decided that NHibernate would be an interesting topic, specially considering that I’m learning how it works right now :v… 894 more words