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Enosi - Coletter Login

Since the Facebook-Login doesn’t work on all platforms, I decided to go for a simple Login made by me :D

You can see the result in the header :P… 13 more words


C#: Delegates, lambda expressions and events explained

DISCLAIMER: The sections about lambda expressions and events are still under construction and not published. I’m working on it. ;-) 1,442 more words


Auto fills specific components fields

Hello again guys!

So, after reading through some feedback entries, I stumbled across this one:

I thought that this was a wonderful idea, what it basically is auto fills component fills marked with the attribute RequireComponent, it not only adds (if there is not) the component in the gameobject, it also fills a specific field which was marked with that attribute. 213 more words


#Himalaya: Need Input

A few weeks have passed and the Himalaya game engine has grown a lot. Sorry for not posting earlier but I was busy with so many things at once that I didn’t really know what to write about. 1,181 more words


Surprise! Creating an instance of an open generic type

This is a brief post documenting a very weird thing I partly came up with on Stack Overflow today.

The context is this question. But to skip to the shock, we end up with code like this: 429 more words


C# WinFroms Splash Screen

One fo the first challenges I faced as a C# developer writing windows forms applications was the concept of a splash screen with a progress bar. 733 more words