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Converting decimal numbers to Roman Numerals in C#

I decided to create a little project to implement converting decimal numbers to Roman Numerals in C#. You can solve this problem in quite a few different ways, I wanted to talk through the pattern based approach that I went for. 480 more words


Learning C# From Scratch Part 2 Variables

Variables and Constants

Variables = A name given to a storage location in memory where we can store a value.

Example: int number = 1 ; 44 more words


10 features in C# that you really should learn (and use!)

If you start exploring C# or decide to expand your knowledge, you should learn these useful language features, which will help you to simplify the code, avoid errors and save a lot of time. 706 more words


Learning C# From Scratch Part 1

As my interest for the c# language are starting to grow I’ve decided to document my journey through this jungle. With this series I am going to try to organize my thoughts and experiences with the C# language. 297 more words



Am pleased to have released over the past few days a command-line version of one of the oldest, (a personal favorite) adored drum-kit sample generator(s) since 97’… 657 more words


Rearranging digits to find the largest number


Given an Integer, find the maximum number that can be formed from the digits.


public static long FindLargestNumberFrom(int input)
    var inputNumber = input;
    var times = new int;

    while (inputNumber != 0)
        var thisDigit = inputNumber % 10;
        inputNumber /= 10;

    long largestNumber = 0;

    for (int i = 9; i >= 0; i--)
        for (int j = 0; j < times[i]; j++)
            largestNumber = largestNumber * 10 + i;

    return largestNumber;

5 inspiring examples - programming languages that popular computer games are written on

Video games are a big business. Total revenue for the U.S. video game industry reached $23.5 billion last year, a 5 percent increase from 2014. Behind every video game are programmers who help develop the product. 403 more words