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C# Keywords

All the details about each keyword can be found from the Microsoft website C# Keywords page.

  • Types
    • Value Types
      • bool
      • byte
      • char
      • decimal
      • double
      • enum…
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Making life simpler, one line of code at a time.

There was a time when I viewed coding as something that I did for a living…that was about all.  Yes, I enjoyed it.   Actually, I enjoyed it a lot, but when I got home, coding wasn’t very high on my to-do list. 335 more words


Searching large files in C#

Have you ever found yourself writing a program that needed to search a very large file for every occurrence of a specific byte sequence or string?  1,492 more words


Creating A Documentation Comment Generator For C#: High-Level Design Decisions

A few of weeks ago, I wrote a post about free software for documenting C# API’s. In that post there is a mention of two documentation comment generators: built in capabilities in Visual Studio, and GhostDoc. 1,490 more words


Features in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 adds a number of new features and brings a focus on data consumption, code simplification and performance. Perhaps the biggest features are tuples… 319 more words