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Delegate and its Flavors

Delegate is a very powerful feature available in the .NET Framework. We will explore delegate& its new flavors which are being introduced in the framework. 726 more words

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SharePoint - Get Image tags From HTML C# to set the image width property.

Requirement –  To get only images tags from HTML content and set the width property of the image.

Below code shows how to get the image tags, then image name, image properties to set the width. 250 more words


SharePoint - Add Header and Footer to PDF using iTextSharp and C#

 Requirement : To add header and footer to the PDF file generated using iTextSharp.

In our earlier post – Export to PDF using iTextSharp we discussed on how to export html content to PDF using iTextSharp. 630 more words


Using Tuple

.Net Framework 4.0 introduced object in Base Class Library (BCL) named Tuple which can store n – number of values in it.  Can specify the type of each of those variables as generic parameters, and the object will create those values. 552 more words

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Abstract DI container Scopes

I saw an increasing demand for mini workflows / domain sub-parts in one of my projects. Most containers have some kind of support for sub scopes or nested containers, but I do not want to expose the Container API. 354 more words


SharePoint - using Linq to SharePoint

I came across a demo online today that used Linq to SharePoint so I wanted to know how to do it, the following MSDN article explains it, using a tool called… 9 more words


SharePoint - Get Unique values from Data Table column.

Requirement – To get the list data and bind it to a choice field. When we retrieve data from a list, there will be chances that we get duplicate data. 56 more words