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New Relic Insights .NET Client

A lightweight C# client for New Relic Insights

  • Upload New Relic Insights events on-demand
  • Upload in batches, as a scheduled task
  • Minimal CPU usage (1 thread)
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Source code of WPF samples by Microsoft got checked

Upon Windows Vista release, the company introduced a new subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications – Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This graphic subsystem is a part of the .NET Framework, starting with version 3.0. 3,635 more words


C# Lambda Expression Örneği

Merhaba arkadaşlar c# a iş nedeniyle merak saldım. Javayla çok benzerliği olmasına rağmen bazen hayretler içinde kaldığım bir sürü yönü olabiliyor. buna ayrı bir yazıda değinmeyi düşünüyorum. 160 more words

Proyek Iseng : Bangun Ruang Kubus (Programmed in C#.NET)

Pernah belajar Pythagoras? Harusnya pernah. Dulu, materi pythagoras diajarkan di kelas 4 SD. Pythagoras bisa jadi materi yang menyenangkan juga menyebalkan.

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How do you use Exceptions?

Exceptions are a very common concept in most of languages nowadays. In this article we will discuss why exceptions are needed, checked vs unchecked exceptions, and why C# doesn’t have checked exceptions. 911 more words


C# Moq syntax

Verify a method has NOT been called

mockLot.Verify(x => x.Method(), Times.Never);

Verify a method has NOT been called

mockLot.Verify(x => x.Method(It.IsAny()), Times.Never);

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C# and the Platform Invoke system

What is the platform invoke system?

In short, it offers a way to use unmanaged code in C#, which is a managed language. Learning to use it can open up access to a lot of existing, well tested, well supported library’s written in unmanaged code. 1,573 more words