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Microservices with C# and RabbitMQ

Microservices with C# and RabbitMQ


Microservices are groupings of lightweight services, interconnected, although independent of each other, without direct coupling or dependency.

Microservices allow flexibility in terms of infrastructure; application traffic is routed to collections of services that may be distributed across CPU, disk, machine and network as opposed to a single monolithic platform designed to manage all traffic. 1,011 more words


When everything you know is wrong, part one

Finalizers are interesting and dangerous because they are an environment in which everything you know is wrong. I’ve written a lot about the perils of C# finalizers / destructors (either name is fine) over the years, but it’s scattered in little bits over the internet. 1,160 more words


Finding any innermost expression in any LINQ expression tree

Ever wanted to find an operator inside a LINQ expression tree? Here is a generic class that I wrote a while back to do just that. 175 more words


Declaration-site and use-site variance explained

A common question posed by programming novices who have their first encounters with parametrized types (“generics” in Java and C#) is “Why can’t I use a… 735 more words

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Wizards and warriors, part five

We’ve been struggling in the last four episodes to encode the rules of our business domain — which, recall, could be wizards and warriors or papers and paycheques or whatever — into the C# type system. 2,164 more words