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Span: A new upcoming feature of C#

With the ground-up changes in ASP.NET with ASP.NET Core which is still going on, it appears that now it is turn of C# language and the run-time. 874 more words


Backward compatibility and overloading

I started writing a blog post about versioning in July 2017. I’ve mostly abandoned it, because I think the topic is too vast for a single post. 1,756 more words


InterOp Calling C++ from C#

For the demonstration I consider a Visual Studio 2017 Solution containing two projects,

  • One project containing C++ Code
  • Other project contain C# driving code doing the demonstrating interop…
  • 325 more words

C# is awesome

I started to play with C# and I really enjoy it. I found a great book that explains the concepts very well: The C# Player’s Guide… 101 more words


Error: CS0619 Span is obsolete

Recently I was exploring various new features of C# 7.x and recently I thought of looking into one cool feature Span but faced hard time to start. 146 more words


pretty print a C# source code

I wanted to print the page at https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/csharp/, but the produced PDF was black and white, i.e. the syntax highlighting was lost. How to print a source code with colors? 128 more words


Read-Only Structs: C# 7.2

C# supports two basic types : Value Type and Reference Type. The main difference between them where they get created: Value Types gets created in stack while Reference type in Heap. 497 more words