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Wizards and warriors, part one

A common problem I see in object-oriented design is:

  • A wizard is a kind of player.
  • A warrior is a kind of player.
  • A staff is a kind of weapon.
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Invoking the GetDiskSpaceInformation method of the IOfflineFilesCache COM interface with C# and PowerShell

This article could also be entitled, “Using an Inproc COM server in C# and PowerShell”.

Part I of this series shows how to invoke the… 1,151 more words


DRY out your policies

Occasionally I’m asked to review code that has a lot of repetition in it. Like, for instance, someone is writing a function memoizer:

static Func<A, R> Memoize<A, R>(this Func<A, R> function)
  var cache = new Dictionary<A, R>();
  return argument =>
    R result;
    if (!cache.TryGetValue(argument, out result))
      result = function(argument);
      cache = result;
    return result;
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Precedence: ordering or grouping?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m part of the technical group looking at updating the ECMA-334 C# standard to reflect the C# 5 Microsoft specification. I recently made a suggestion that I thought would be uncontroversial, but which caused some discussion – and prompted this “request for comment” post, effectively. 933 more words


Long division, part two

This is a sequel to my 2009 post about division of long integers.

I am occasionally asked why this code produces a bizarre error message: 282 more words


Interview with dev.life

Gareth Wilson from Fog Creek interviewed me the other day for their series on the lives of developers; we talked about playing Dam Buster on the Commodore PET and typing in programs in WATCOM VI and all kinds of stuff. 13 more words


What is the unchecked keyword good for? Part two

Last time I explained why the designers of C# wanted to have both checked and unchecked arithmetic in C#: unchecked arithmetic is fast and dangerous, checked arithmetic is slightly slower but turns subtle, easy-to-miss mistakes into program-crashing exceptions. 676 more words