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Open Letter: CSM7's Last Duty

Dear CSM7 members,

there is a huge elephant in the room concerning the election of the CSM8. It’s turnout. As I am sure you understand better than anybody, a decent turnout for the election is crucial for the legitimacy of the CSM as an organ of player representation. 259 more words

CSM Townhall Meeting 03-02-2013

This transcript has been done during the CSM Townhall meeting on 03-02-2013. I did not record precises quotes. Nor do I try to attribute the statements to individual CSM members. 1,475 more words

The Word I am Looking for is "Gerrymandering"

Gerrymandering may be used to achieve desired electoral results for a particular party, or may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic, such as a political, racial, linguistic, religious or class group.

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Hot CSM Topic - Voting for the CSM

The CSM is currently locked in a heated battle between the “Evil” Goonswarm and the ever present, ever “Whiny” High-sec carebears over a mechanic that is so confusing, so outlandish, so provocative that its very existance is something of an enigma! 1,403 more words

Eve Politics

Industry Dashboards

I’ve spent a lot of time designing API driven KPI style dashboards for my industrial operations and given the industry changes coming as detailed in the  638 more words


CSM7 Minutes - Quantity Has an Annoying Quality all its Own

I said elsewhere that I thought CSM7 was going to be damned to obscurity.

Not that being so damned is a reflection on the members of CSM7 or the efforts they are putting in to their jobs.  1,085 more words


June Junk Drawer

1. Interested in the current tone of CSM-CCP relationship, the future of industry, and hints into the Winter expansion? Listen to VandV Podcast: Special Edition: Spring Summit Wrap Up… 332 more words