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Our City's Treasure Assays Our Own Worth

In the two years I have called Over-the-Rhine home, I have also christened Music Hall my touchstone. As I wrote this piece, I sought out other synonyms for… 709 more words

BlackBerry Continues IoT Leadership at Inaugural Medical Security Conference

Last summer, I was working on a new connected healthcare cybersecurity standard. My collaborators were a diverse group of healthcare professionals: caregivers, medical device manufacturers, insurance companies and other payers, medical and cybersecurity liability attorneys, medical device “ethical” hackers, medical device academic researchers, patient advocacy groups, and more. 402 more words



Runs, parkruns, and statistics – what’s not to like.

If Mark Twain is to be believed, statistics may be biased so lets get any bias out in the open: 993 more words

FYI: There is Poop in The Chicago River Right Now

If you are in the metro area, you know that it has been raining most of the evening, and it has definitely rained more than 0.3 inches (I explained why that number was significant in this… 41 more words

Green City Living

C3 Week 3: Water

The topic of water has always been something I was interested in. Back in 4th grade, our class did a unit on Chicago history. While my classmates chose to do projects on Marshall Fields and the Sears Tower (I will never refer to it as Willis Tower), I did my project on Lake Michigan. 518 more words

Green City Living


As a veteran sales leader, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a large number of candidates for a full array of sales roles. As a sales consultant, my client’s frequently ask about best practices surrounding: 1) what characteristics to look for in a sales person 2) how to evaluate candidates during the interview process and 3) how best to ramp new sales people into a productive state as rapidly as possible… 6 more words

CSO Live Register Youth Unemployment

According to the latest figure from the CSO regarding Youth Unemployment there is a Slight decrease in under 25s signing on welcome but over 13,000 young people long-term unemployed still far too high. 60 more words