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How much will it cost to reduce CSOs?

The cost of implementing CSO control strategies will depend on various factors, including the level of control CSOs will be regulated to meet, the control strategies selected, and the timeframe over which the Master Plan is implemented. 161 more words


How do CSOs impact our rivers?

CSOs discharge diluted wastewater into the rivers that can result in visible floatables, such as floating debris. There is also the potential for odour when the volume discharging into the rivers is great enough. 403 more words


1,938,900 jobs in Ireland

Good news all round it would seem from the Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) Quarterly National Household Survey. According to the CSO, there was an annual increase in employment of 1.5% or 29,100 in the year to the fourth quarter of 2014, bringing total employment to 1,938,900. 54 more words

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How does the CSO Master Plan align with OurWinnipeg?

OurWinnipeg, and its associated document, Sustainable Water and Waste Directional Strategy, guide the growth and change for the City. The strategy addresses environmental, economic and social sustainability and provides a path to guide infrastructure needs into the future. 82 more words


Goin' to the Show

Chicago, Illinois) Hannah Dick Macfarlan McKelvy lives on in the gift of music she gave us, namely two seats in Row B at Orchestra Hall today to hear Riccardo Muti conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the Tchaikovsky 6.   46 more words


What are the effects of CSOs on Lake Winnipeg?

Lake Winnipeg has a very large watershed that drains Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Ontario, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Northwestern Minnesota. The drainage area exceeds 982,000 km2, where much of it is intensively cultivated agricultural lands. 230 more words



Like most professional athletes, major league baseball players gather each year for a pre-season ritual called Spring Training. Why would highly skilled professional athletes, who have dedicated their lives to their craft, need to practice anything as simple as throwing, catching, hitting and running the bases? 17 more words