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Burger King Quietly Dropped Soda From Kids Meals

When Wendy’s decided it January to remove soft drinks from its kids meals, it meant that Burger King was the only one of the big three burger chains to still include soda with their youth-targeted menu. 180 more words

Athletes and Film Stars to Push Veggies

Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton and Jessica Alba, among others,  have signed on to help promote fruit and vegetable consumption in a new program.

The push is being called FNV – which stands for… 213 more words

Center For Science In The Public Interest

Wendy's Dropping Soda From Kids' Meals

More than a year after McDonald’s announced plans to remove sodas from Happy Meals, the folks at Wendy’s have reportedly decided that they should also stop including the sugary drinks in their kids’ meals. 355 more words

Lawsuit Against CVS Claims Label On Advanced Eye Health Supplement Is Misleading

Often when you see a drugstore-brand version of a brand-name product, it’s essentially the same thing just less expensive and with less-flashy packaging. But a new lawsuit alleges that CVS is not only trying to mislead shoppers by comparing its Advanced Eye Health supplement to products with different ingredients, but that the lack of those components make the CVS supplement less effective. 502 more words

Nature Valley Bars Not 100% Natural as Claimed to Be!

I’m happy to report another exciting win for health-conscious consumers who care about honest food labeling. Thanks to the awesome peeps at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), mega food company General Mills will be removing their misleading claim “100% Natural” from an estimate 30… 344 more words

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Make 2015 the Year We End Junk Food Marketing to Kids

   We’re winding down the last days of 2014 and looking ahead to a fresh new year.  Dr. Alan Greene invited me to contribute a guest post in the series “One Thing I’d Change in 2015.”  Here’s what I chose, why I chose it, and how you can help make it happen: 620 more words