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Cheerios Sullies Its Good Name

From an informational email I received from CSPI:

Investigators here at the Center for Science in the Public Interest recently discovered that Cheerios Protein has only a smidgen more protein than original Cheerios.

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Cheerios Protein Has Slightly More Protein, More Sugar Than Regular Cheerios

If you follow current food trends, you know that Americans are losing interest in breakfast cereal, but can’t get enough protein. Cereal companies see those trends, and are ready to respond with new products to entice customers back to their aisle. 330 more words

Government And Legal

Group Suing FDA For Failing To Cut Excess Sodium In The Food Supply

A nonprofit food safety and nutrition watchdog group is taking the Food and Drug Administration to federal court, claiming the agency hasn’t reduced sodium in packaged and other foods. 297 more words

Share a Coke With "Obesity"

The medical community is unhappy with Coke for funding bogus research to prove that Coke is good for your health. The folks at Center for Science of the Public Interest… 39 more words

Healthy Eating

New York City Board of Health Requires Sodium Warnings on Saltiest Restaurant Items

New York city is at it again. This time requiring sodium warnings on the saltiest restaurant items. I have very mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, I want to eat healthy and have other folks do the same, therefore I limit my sodium intake. 153 more words

Fast Food

Letter from Senator Dean Heller Regarding Sesame Labeling

I know, another post about sesame!  I have some research still pending about the epinephrine expense issues I’ve written about here previously but with an influx of new cases and adding a partner at the firm (to find out more about them, check out  589 more words

Food Allergy