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Critics: Putting Fitness Trackers In McDonald's Happy Meals Doesn't Make Them Healthy Meals

Putting on a fitness tracker doesn’t magically change your body; it’s just another accessory if it goes unused. That’s why critics of McDonald’s latest Happy Meal shake-up don’t seem terribly impressed. 462 more words

Dave & Buster’s, Uno Among 2016 Xtreme Eating Award Recipients - CSPI

We really do have to use our heads when we decide to eat out. Some chains’ offerings make a joke out of our attempts at portion control. 698 more words


Here Are This Year's 9 Most Calorie-Filled Chain Restaurant Meals

You have to know that when you’re tucking into some huge plate of pasta, fried food, bread, sauce, cheese, and meat at a chain restaurant, that’s probably not healthy, but do you know how unhealthy? 724 more words

Lawsuit Accuses Cheez-It Of Falsely Advertising "Whole Grain" Crackers

What does it mean for a food to be labeled “whole grain”? Even if there is no official standard for that term, do you expect that a whole grain version of a product would be healthier than the original? 694 more words

This Grocery Store is Replacing Candy in its Checkout Aisles with Healthy Alternatives

Source: NaturalSociety.com
Mike Barrett
April 25, 2016

In an attempt to improve buying decisions for its customers, Grocery chain Aldi announced earlier this year that it will be replacing the candy in checkout aisles with more healthful alternatives, such as trail mix, granola bars, and dried fruit. 326 more words


Study on Sucralose Not So Sweet

I don’t care about sucralose, don’t actually use it myself and have never spent much time thinking about it. But I do care about bad science and bad reporting on science and this  1,059 more words

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New CSPI Report Highlights Childhood "Globesity" Crisis, Hits Hard at Big Soda

As the childhood “Globesity” epidemic continues to make headlines, The Center for the Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) released a new report this week called  668 more words