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Employees participation in SynapseIndia CSR Activities

Employees engagement in SynapseIndia CSR strengthen us to meet our CSR goals and go beyond. Employee engagement and involvement in various CSR activities plays a big role. 97 more words

SynapseIndia CSR Initiatives – Seasonal Donations

SynapseIndia CSR program, we support underprivileged in achieving better life through seasonal donations. Over the long period of time, we have been supporting Varanasi based International Chandramauli Charitable Trust in a variety of social causes including facilitate education of underprivileged children, spreading awareness about ancient Indian culture and more. 71 more words

Helping Underprivileged Children with SynapseIndia CSR Activities

Through SynapseIndia CSR program, our endeavour is to play a significant role in various CSR initiatives. At SynapseIndia, we are committed to uplift the living standard of underprivileged section of society. 85 more words

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters to Business?

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility is a term used in business. When an enterprise takes a planned approach to fuse social as well as ecological concerns along with the actions that could achieve profits for the business, they are said to be following CSR. 424 more words

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility