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Managing and creating a custom Rich Text Editor styles

This article describes how you makes use of managing and restyling Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Rich Text Editor. Custom CSS is used to make the changes. Adding a custom CSS file requires two prerequisites. 337 more words


Building the eye in CSS3

Have you ever seen something that you just had to have? It may not be useful but YOU JUST WANT IT. Last week I came across something like that. 868 more words


Ethan Marcotte & Responsive Web Design

Ethan Marcotte created the term responsive web design (RWD) to describe a new way of creating flexible web sites for mobile, tablet and desktop. His May 2010 article, … 524 more words


Beautiful circle animations

For today, I have prepared an awesome CSS animation that is sure to brighten up your website. So we are gonna be building rotating circles with circles on the side and squares in middle…….wait what?? 1,517 more words


CSS Positions

CSS position property support 4 values, “static”, “relative”, “absolute” and “fixed”. Shown below are example for each one of these. The black bordered div is a parent containing positioned child divs. 334 more words


10.19.2015 jQuery Complete

I finished the jQuery tutorial on codecadamy!  I learned how to do some fun stuff like .explode(ing) things, .slide things, .bounce things, .accordion <div> items and a few other cool little interactions that include events and effects. 94 more words


Matrix Loading Screen

Are you a fan of Matrix? Then you must have loved the effect of falling threads of green lines.

Today, I am gonna show you how to build the same effect in your website. 1,366 more words