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[css] Table set fixed column width

Background : Using JQuery Datatable generated dynamically table but push columns off the layout.

Example :

Solution :
Add table-layout to the css, and of course give width to each column : 66 more words


Div has equal width and space

Example: three or two span share the equal space in a row. (inline-block) 50 more words

Building a RSS Reader – Part 3

This is the part 3 of How to Build a Working RSS Reader for your Website series. If you haven’t read the first part, you can go to this… 653 more words

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Play2 Pdf Plugin: JS enabled and disabled browser

In this post I’m going to talk about generating PDF documents in Play web application with the help of “play2-pdf plugin”.

Firstly, I want to focus on the criteria that we consider or investigate while generating PDF in our projects: 435 more words


CSS: Nested Selector vs Modular Selector

Hello Everyone, today I am going to share on two different categories of selectors i.e. Nested Selector and Modular Selector. Let’s quickly jump to check 2 different style aspect without waiting for a moment. 767 more words


Building a RSS Reader - Part 1

Hey Guys,

Today we will start a new series on How to Build a Working RSS Reader for your Website. This will be my first project which will go past a single post. 565 more words

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Penggunaan selector :nth-child di css ?

Nah, kali ini saya akan kasih informasi mengenai selector :nth-child pada sebuah value css.

sebelum berjalan lebih jauh, :nth-child itu adalah sebuah properti yang disediakan oleh css yang dapat memudahkan kita dalam pemberian sebuah value suatu konten. 89 more words