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CSS: Creating nested numbered list using CSS-Counters

Hello everyone, today I am going to share one basic thing, which you all may know about it. I am going to explain how can we create numbered list using CSS. 560 more words


CSS image sprites


Image Sprites

An image sprite is a collection of images put into a single image.

A web page with many images can take a long time to load and generates multiple server requests.

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Display: none vs visibility:hidden

The h1 element will be hidden, and the page will displayed as if the element is not there:




The element will be hidden, but still affect the layout – the element will still take up the same space as like with out this class:


visibility: hidden;



August 2015 Meetup - CSS Basics

Many thanks to Chris Tetta for sharing his expertise in CSS. It was great seeing everyone again this month, and it was wonderful having a new family join. 158 more words


[WEBSITE TEMPLATE] 2-Columns, Left Navigation, Top Heading, Footer

2-Columns, Left Navigation, Top Heading, Footer

Located below are the basic HTML and CSS codes to create the webpage (shown in the picture below), which has: 182 more words


My CSS Space X Dragon Capsule

This is how I waste my time drawing a space capsule with CSS.


Uploading to Dakar

Uploading my work to dakar was a problem as i had a lot of issues using FileZilla and even after half an hour of trying different things with it, it was not showing up when I logged into my dakar account, the FileZilla client wasnt copying my files across properly. 23 more words

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