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CSS 3 Gradients

A really cool site which comes in handy when sorting out css gradients is

You can also learn allot from this code!


This gives you options and live code view of whats going on, a quick and easy way to get what you need without having to suffer colour values!

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How to have more than one class CSS 3 HTML 5!

It just occurred to me that this is a simple thing but also a very useful thing!


you ever have a situation where you need to target the same element but as a individual, or even select a set of elements which cannot be targeted in a pseudo way.

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Improve vertical scroll with Max-height!

If you have ever had a problem with scrolling on your page…

try adding a “max-height:100%;”. I don’t really know why but this improves some cases of slow scroll.

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Text overlay / link overlay. just for fun :]

I just saw a cool text overlay/ link overlay design, and wanted to re-create that in css really quickly.

This uses the :after state of the pesudo class.

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newspaper style text align!

Another quick bit of code tip. If you need to align text to the left, right or center, you use the, “text-align:” selector. But this is also used to style the way text flows.

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As in the space

b e t w e e n

the word.


really easy.

a {



A quick bit of code I didn’t know but needed to use for a design!



Having some fun with the skew property!

You can make some wicked effects angling your elements giving the impression of 3d.

The HTML is just a few spans so I can generate some content around them.

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