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Are Web Developers "Real Programmers"?

A few days ago I was speaking with a budding web developer. He’s only been coding for 2 months, and he’s made great progress, especially with CSS (he’s a graphic designer by trade). 1,073 more words


Vertical Alignment for Inline Boxes

I’ve seen CSS vertical-align used only in table cells before, also, in the centering technique where an element with a display:table parent gets display:table-cell and… 127 more words


Using @font-face Rule

Using @font-face Rule

How to use @font-face rule to use a new font instead of web-safe fonts:

  • Define a name for your font
  • Specify the font file location…
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How I used to develop new things back in the days in no time

How I used to build web related software

When times were old I used to build things fast and simple. Web based software projects were my favorite. 825 more words



This online tool/environment allows you to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and have the result displayed on the fly.



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More Ruby Pre-Bootcamp Work

With just over two weeks to go before bootcamp starts and I have managed to finish all of the pre-coursework.  Currently, I am going into some of the more advanced concepts in the final chapters of the book (Learn to Program Facets of Ruby).  200 more words