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Diamonds are Forever, but You'll Need Ruby to Buy One Online.

Welcome back! Let’s get this simple newsletter signup form up and running. Initially I was planning on making a simple HTML to PHP form that would send the email to a specified email address on my server. 566 more words

Web Development

30 Hackdays Day 16: Stylus - "CSS needs a hero", they said.

It’s been a long time since native CSS is not the only way to write your CSS code for web applications. We have LESS and SASS which are widely used for extending native CSS’s feature base. 686 more words


Swimming epiphany

Today I had a swimming epiphany. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I now love swimming again, but I’m feeling at least slightly more positive towards it! 690 more words


CSS Stands for Creating Scrambled Scraps (of codes)

Done with the CSS chapter!

The final lab challenge was to build a “clone” of the BBC website.

So I know it’s not 100% finished, but I gave up half way because I was at a noobie-slow pace and couldn’t keep up with how fast the news page was refreshing! 303 more words

Shashank Pawar

I’ve worked as a support engineer for the last 2 years, and the projects I’ve been involved in have ranged from simple desktop applications to web applications providing L1 and L2 support to end users based across worldwide. 216 more words