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Debugging day 35: Flexbox overflow and unexpected space

I used a CSS flexbox to easily align some elements on one of our forms. Three elements have a fixed width, and the flexbox fixes the space inbetween them. 446 more words

Debugging Stories

Display long dynamic text into adjacent columns like newspaper layout

Folks, If we have quite a long text, and we want to show it into three adjacent columns, One way to implement it via three <div>’s  or <p>’s in HTML and adding CSS properties. 449 more words


The desperate attempt of news websites to block ad-blockers

Lately news websites and major blogs have initiated coordinated initiatives to force their visitors to deactivate theit AdBlocker and shave down their throat their more and more intrusive and annoying ads. 721 more words

I made my first real app, sort of!

I have just finished the first intermediate front end project on freeCodeCamp which was a random quote machine!

The user stories to fulfill were:

1. The user should be able to click on a button to generate a new random quote… 324 more words

Code with Anna and Elsa

Elsa and Anna Snowflake is an exercise which you can learn the basics of how to code. This programming concept interests you while spending an hour playing game, it is actually the moment that you realise you have finished an hour of code. 456 more words