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Why Career Planning Is Crucial

Expectations vs Reality

Throughout my vestibule so far, I am glad to say that I have been able to receive valuable information not only regarding how to program software and learning how to code, but also gaining useful career planning insight and research that I found was an integral part of the program in shaping our expectations with reality. 1,010 more words

Web Developer

UIKit and Datepicker in Modal

Came across this interesting situation while working on a PHP web app. Needed a date picker in a modal. The thing is UIKit has a date picker but not in the latest version/beta. 264 more words


CSS Dasar

Tutorial Belajar CSS : CSS Dasar

Bagian pertama tutorial belajar CSS ditujukan untuk yang baru mengenal CSS, atau programmer pemula. Kita akan mempelajari dan mengetahui apa itu CSS, bagaimana cara menggunakan CSS, bagaimana cara memasukkan kode CSS, aturan serta tata cara penulisan CSS, dan kita juga akan membahas inti dari CSS, yakni Selector, Property dan Value.


Day 122: My code works!

I have spent today doing a few things: watching TV, relaxing, laughing, listening to music, coding, and covering a cardboard box in glittery newspaper-y papier-mâché. I had a good day. 191 more words

Old Themes

The past three themes I have chosen for this blog have been listed as “no longer supported” by WordPress.com. While this is discouraging, I understand why some authors make the choice to no longer support older themes. 127 more words