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Templating with JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Setting up your own templating system with JS/jQuery, HTML, and CSS is quite easy and fun. If you want to separate out your presentation from the data and manipulation, because for example your HTMLers don’t know JS and vice versa, it can be done in a snap. 335 more words

Front End

11/26 Update

OK, I can’t stop thinking about writing a book. So, I will probably start taking notes in Evernote. I want to have a book that teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and possibly more. 162 more words

Steven Neal

Are You Wondering What It Is Like Outside?

Wonder no more! You can find out what the weather is like by downloading this nifty app!

App Development

Daftar CSS Tool

CSS Tool sangat penting untuk seorang web developer karena dengan CSS Tool pembuatan web akan menjadi lebih mudah dan cepat tanpa harus ngoding. 78 more words


Important SEO Glossary (A-E) By Q-vantage SEO Team

We all know that Search engine optimization is a really interesting and important topic right now for many online business owners. But before you can start working on it you have to understand some basic SEO terms, hence this SEO glossary. 1,053 more words

Search Engine Optimization

Misadventures in Coding + My Very First Website!

It’s been a code-filled week with the first few assignments for “Interactive Prototyping” class under our belt (we had to create a mock up of a portfolio website and figure out how to actually code the design), and learning how to use javascript flexsliders, slicknavs, superfishes (a name that makes it hard to remember what it’s actually used for), tabs, accordions, etc! 241 more words

Graphic Design


“Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.” – Victor Hugo … 9 more words