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What is css box model ?

Can you explain CSS box model?

CSS box model is a rectangular space around a HTML element which defines border, padding and margin.

Border: – This defines the maximum area in which the element will be contained. 32 more words


A Developing Story

I love learning.

Picking up new skills, seeing things from a new perspective, looking for patterns. Love it. And trust me, there a been a lot worlds I’ve explored along the way: piano, ballet, martial arts, guitar, fencing, violin, theater, photography, horticulture, & most recently bread baking (by far the favorite skill to pick up as it’s the most delicious.) I am constantly developing myself. 352 more words


CSS Tips

CSS has a tendency to grow out of control, particularly as developers add new functionality and designs change.  This post has some simple tips on writing CSS in a way that helps keep it manageable. 724 more words


Coding Mum Day 5 & 6 - 28 April 2016

Today we did Day 5 and Day 6 because there will be lots of holiday next week! ;) So the class started 9 am and ended 3 pm :) 283 more words


The Difference Between ID and Class

ID’s and Classes are “hooks”

We need ways to describe content in an HTML/XHTML document. The basic elements like <h1>, <p>, and <ul> 1,573 more words


Tomorrow’s CSS syntax with cssnext - @juliancwirko

Although there isn’t something like CSS4 right now, there are many new features in the works, which, with a little help, you can use nowadays. 8 more words

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