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Pastejacking Turns Copy/Paste into Copy/OhCrap

Here’s your new security vocabulary word: pastejacking. “This side of haptic gloves, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is as close as we can get to reaching out and grabbing something off the web. 73 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Delete multiple rows from mysql with checkbox.

Delete multiple rows from mysql with checkbox.


“DELETE FROM table_name WHERE column_name = ‘value’ “;


In this tutorial create 1 file
1. delete_multiple.php… 532 more words


Coding Day 2

I’m still trying to figure out how to manage this stuff around my work schedule, but we’ll see what happens. Here’s the progress!


Design choices for my website, and progress report on learning stuff

I am only an amature “web devloper,” though I hesitate to even use that word since I know HTML, CSS, and only some Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. 251 more words


The Union of Code and Web Writing

Writers, do you know what CSS stands for? Crunchy Salmon Skittles? Crisp Sweet Sandwich? Clueless Silly Seagull?

It stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and I predict you will be hearing and reading a lot more about this little coding treat if you do Internet writing. 225 more words

Cascading Style Sheets


Today is my first really frustrated day. I started with the CSS module on CodeAcademy and I’ve been watching some videos on youtube, mostly DevTips… 245 more words


Convert any CSS color to RGBA

Here’s a useful tip allowing us to convert any CSS color and name to an RGBA object without having to create any lookup table or implement hex and HSL converters. 386 more words