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Pure CSS Art: Day 3

I tried replicating Sasha Tran’s Pikachu without looking at anyone’s code. Since Pikachu’s features are mainly circles, this was pretty easy to make. (Though it still doesn’t look exactly like Sasha’s. 248 more words


css tricks for text selection

So recently I had to disable text selection for some web pages and after a quick Google search I realized that this could be achieved through CSS – great stuff!! 135 more words


CSS3 Graphics & Week 4 Lab Progress

CSS3 Graphics

CSS3 Graphics can now perform many functions that were traditionally reserved for graphical programs such as Photoshop. CSS3 can now produce items such as rounded corners and gradients painlessly in all modern browsers. 235 more words

Web Development

Pandas, HTML and styles

Today, I’ll share how to transform a pandas’ data frame into html table with format. This might be useful if we want to:


Hybrid Technique Breaks Backscatter Distance Barrier

Low cost, long range, or low power — when it comes to wireless connectivity, historically you’ve only been able to┬ápick two. But a group at the University of Washington appears to have made… 207 more words

Radio Hacks

CSS selectors

what are css selectors?
CSS selectors are the elements tag name e.g. h1, h2, p etc. and class names (user defined) and Is names (user defined). 304 more words