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CSS: Pseudo-classes Vs Pseudo-elements

The pseudo-class concept is introduced to permit selection based on information that lies outside of the document tree or that cannot be expressed using the other simple selectors. 257 more words




In this blueprint I took three courses: Visual Design Fundamentals and Tools, HTML & CSS, and the Web Designer Apprenticeship. 82 more words

Applying css style on cellClass not working in Angular UIGrid

cellClass is an attribute which allows user to specify different styles to cells in angular UI Grid.

Problem Description:

When user tries to apply custom styling to cellClass the changes won’t get applied to UIGrid. 317 more words


Have $ sign static inside input field

Hey guys,

The title tells the story what this post is all about.
Firstly, there are many input-masking jquery plugin which can do this,
BUT I want it to be with css, so made it. 73 more words


CSS Precedence

Until you really work with it and get your hands dirty, it can be a little tough to understand what CSS selection will override others. I learned the hard way that where you link your CSS on your HTML page matters by linking to Bootstrap AFTER my own CSS stylesheet. 198 more words


TIY Day Three

I’m not going to lie, yesterday started out a little bit intimidating.  It was our first day working with CSS and while I thought that I had understood our reading from the previous night, when we started working on our group activities and talking everything out it got to be a little bit confusing. 368 more words

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