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HTML5 Responsive Design - ViewPort Meta Tag (Part 3)

Hello Friends,

In this article, we’re going to focus on another important concept of responsive design, i.e. the ‘Viewport Meta Tag’.

View-Port Overview

The viewport meta tag was introduced by Apple to help web developers improve the way web pages are displayed on the iPhone but obviously now it’s used for all mobile devices. 747 more words


HTML5 Responsive Design - Media Queries (Part 2)

In the previous session, we learnt the basics of media queries and covered some points about how they are used to achieve responsiveness in web design. 862 more words


BBC News Reader

BBC News Reader

A standalone html page produced to fulfill the following technical scenario:

Write a cross-platform (mobile, Tablet and desktop) HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript application that consumes the BBC News Top Stories RSS feed ( 65 more words


The Grower's Guild

The Grower’s Guild

My personal web site, a new and exciting social media web site for people interested in moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 19 more words


Day 21: Mocking it up.

STATUS: Spent some time filling out my profile on angel.io, then spent some time mocking up my concept in Photoshop. It looks so hot. I can’t wait for it to drop. 152 more words

Hello world!!!


My name is Nagachandra. I am salesforce developer. My passion to join a startup and build something big. I m very passionate about web developement. 45 more words


Smashing-Mastering CSS for Web Developers

New possible uses of CSS appear every day, and you shouldn’t miss any of them. This eBook Mastering CSS3 brings together tips on the newest approaches to CSS, such as CSS animation guidelines, CSS grid frameworks and modern techniques for constructing page layouts, among others. 113 more words