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3 Simple ways to make a div horizontally and vertically center on a Screen using CSS

Method 1: Using translate() function

The translate() method moves an element from its current position as per the given X and Y Coordinates. First we make the container div to full… 589 more words


Understanding Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications (SPA) is a modern trend of advance web applications for providing richness to applications. Including:-

  • Reducing round tripping.
  • Enhancing User Experience.
  • Provide look and feel of native desktop application inside browser.
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Front End Development

New Requirement! - UI Developer, Frontend Web Developer - Berks, Perm

Skills: UI Developer, Frontend Web Developer, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML, Angular JS. Based in Reading my client has a new requirement for an UI Developer, Frontend Web Developer. 150 more words


Umbraco Journey DAY 2

I chose to start with AngularJS, I have been reading some 60 pages and tried some of the new stuff I have learned. I started by creating a AngulaJS development setup, for this I needed nodejs, bootstrap themes, connect and Angular.js. 303 more words


Umbraco Journey DAY 1


I have been doing some research into umbraco building block’s and which technologies that have been used to power this friendly CMS system, my findings where that the core consist of : 172 more words


The Umbraco Journey begins

And so it begins.. this will be my first shared journey, normally I suffer in peace but since this is a digital age why should only I know of my suffering. 179 more words


A Typographic Web Assignment

On this assignment from my web-prototyping class I was asked to create a typography-based stylesheet for web and mobile content using one to two embedded typefaces for an article of my choice. 135 more words