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Why I Chose Web Development

I always had a love for games and computers as a child. So when I was introduced to the internet, I just had to know had everything was put together. 360 more words


Set background image inline using php

When we required for set background dynamic then we used below script,.

$bg_image = $home_testimonials_bg_image['url'];
$bg_image = "url('$bg_image')"; 
$bg_image = 'style="background-image:'.$bg_image.';"'; } ?> 
<section class="testimonials-Section" <?php echo $bg_image; ?>>



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Resposive html5 css3 and grade A . simple and fast


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CSS & CSS3 Cheat Sheet

With the Technology Innovating day by day, the process of Development is becoming more like a challenge!!

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The language barrier

I live in a country with eleven official languages. I am fluent in only two of those languages. I tried to learn a third, but I just couldn’t remember the meaning of all the different words and when I try to speak in a third language, I do not know what to say in a conversation. 669 more words


CSS Grid -- an end to Bootstrap?

The CSS Grid Advantage

I’m probably going to be excommunicated from the design community for saying this, but I’ve never been a fan of Bootstrap.  Sure it looks pretty and the overall design is clean — and that’s about where my fondness for it ends.  250 more words

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how to add border without impacting height and width sizes in CSS?

use box-shadow instead of border

for eg : if you have used

.a{border-bottom:1px solid #ccc}

instead of this use

.a{box-shadow : inset 0 2px 0 0 #ccc} 9 more words