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Replace the delimiter in a csv file using Python

Recently I had to wrangle some csv files, including some data calculations and outputting a semi-colon delimited file instead of a comma-delimited file.


csvsql - Standalone Interactive program to run SQL on CSV files

When trying to analyse large CSV files,  it can be useful to be able to run queries on them.  There are many projects online that help do this,  but most of them don’t come with and embedded db engine, which means setting it up becomes more challenging and we have to worry about compatibility issues,   and none of them have an interactive mode. 192 more words

Tecture - A liron.bd Company


I’m in the midst of System\Network Administration class (Instructed by Avi Sharvit), during the class we will learn the following courses:


An Easy Way To Get Your CSV Data into Mongo DB

Do you have a bunch of CSV files laying around that you’d like to be able to run queries against? This post is going to discuss an easy way to accomplish that. 1,070 more words


Import, Export ASP.NET Core localized data as CSV

This article shows how localized data can be imported and exported using Localization.SqlLocalizer. The data is exported as CSV using the Formatter defined in the… 1,530 more words


Cannot write to csv with spark-csv in Scala


Name: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Message: Could not initialize class com.databricks.spark.csv.util.CompressionCodecs$

One line answer: make sure that the scala version is the same for