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No Server, No Org account - No Problem

Have you been working with shapefiles, .csv files or map notes in ArcGIS.com and wish that the resulting layer could be made available outside of the web map?  281 more words

ArcGIS Online

Importing Data into R

One of the most important features we need to be able to do in R is import existing data, whether it be .txt files, .csv files, or even .xls (Excel files). 588 more words


[Python] tuple and namedtuple


tuple is a built-in data structure of Python. In short, it’s a heterogeneous immutable collection.
heterogeneous: a tuple can contain items of different types… 615 more words


Generate CSV in Ruby on Rails

In case you want to generate a CSV file containing certain number of Rows and Columns into it then Ruby on Rails comes with it’s own Class called… 155 more words

Ruby On Rails

[Day 3][Lesson 4]Bắt đầu viết các chương trình C

Bài trước chúng ta đã nói về pointer, mình cũng giả định mọi người đã code thử các chương trình C và quen với những syntax đơn giản rồi. 789 more words


MS Excel: Prevent Scientific Notation When Using Text to Columns

When opening a CSV in Excel, text fields containing only numerals (invoice numbers in this instance) display in scientific notation.

1230555522 becomes 1.23E+09… 124 more words


process csv file comma within double quote by php

With CSV data export from ebay may have commas in it with double quote:

name,email,56,phonnumbere,GB,"house number, street name",comment,department,...

explode() from php will not process the right array. 27 more words