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CSV System Engineer job - Katalyst HealthCares & Life Sciences - Mountain View, CA

CSV System Engineer – p b Responsibilities: /b /p ul li Interview business owner to assess the lab instrument and computerized system /li li Hands on validation… 16 more words

Writing IEnumerable data to CSV/Excel as a table (HuLib 1.0.7 feature)

A common requirement for us is exporting data to excel or CSV files. While it is not too daunting of a task, the frequency of it prompted me to look at a more concise way of writing it. 788 more words

Export CSV file with tab delimited support Japanese



header ("Content-Type: application/octet-stream");
header ("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=" . "hoge.csv");
header ("Content-Description: CSV Output");

//リトルエンディアン(0xFF=255 0xFE=254)をあらわすBom
$bom = chr(255) . chr(254);

$record = "サンプル1t样本1tΔείγμα1tกลุ่มตัวอย่าง1n";
$record .= "サンプル2t样本2tΔείγμα2tกลุ่มตัวอย่าง2n";
$record .= "サンプル3t样本2tΔείγμα3tกลุ่มตัวอย่าง3n";

$encoded  = $bom . 22 more words

CSV file - parse row ignoring comma in quotes

Since Salesforce CPQ does not support importing of csv file for segmented product, hence we had to go for a custom implementation. While working on importing CSV file for Segmented Product, we came to the requirement where the comma is part of the row of CSV file and hence it should not be split based on that comma. 103 more words


SQL*Plus for CSV Reports (and batching with Powershell)

I’ve seen a lot of recent solutions to producing CSV reports using a command line that are just so over the top. I’ve seen scripts that select the column names from dual and then union all that to the results of a query. 1,049 more words


How you can build a terminal game with CSV and Ruby

Free Code Camp published my article “How you can build a terminal game with CSV and Ruby.” It’s based on a lecture I gave earlier this year at Ada Developers Academy, and features a talk about Ruby’s CSV library and a walkthrough of how to build a Solar System terminal game. 7 more words


Playing with Golang and CSV Files

Golang is not only fun to code, but incredibly easy too. I like to think of the way it handles pointer’s as, “pointer’s Lite… 672 more words