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pandas: add new columns; reorder columns

I had a CSV file and (1) I wanted to add some new columns, and (2) I wanted to reorder the columns.

Instead of doing it manually, I used the… 463 more words


Network Bandwidth Checker

This post concentrates on development of an automated Bash Linux tool for checking Internet connection bandwidth provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), periodically. The tool outputs data in .csv format so that “spreadsheet” software such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc is able to read data and construct charts. 559 more words


convert a LibreOffice Calc/Excel stylesheet to .csv in command-line

I have a stylesheet made with LibreOffice Calc / Excel. The extension of the file is .ods or .xls / .xlsx. How to convert it to… 42 more words


Entities Repository Services (ERS) Open API :: Uploads Completely 100%

How are you I hope this communication reaches you on a good day!! We have been developing an email mail list manager called ‘Entities’; this allows you to upload CSV in a range of packed archives which can also contain further packed archives that are opened and searched for *.csv… Once the CSV has been located as long as it is valid and has the field names in the top of the file, the columns are compared to mapped standards, otherwise you will recieve an email asking you to map the fields to the field types and value types. 383 more words


HOW TO: Inserting data into EXASOL from a CSV (Part 2)

I’m going to be expanding on how to insert data into EXASOL, by Importing data from a CSV file. If you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at a basic insert… 186 more words


ZF2 : File Download Made Easy

As my days as a web application developer, I used to face many difficulties correctly writing a file download page.

Often I ended up being miffed about using ob_clean(); ob_flush(); and many output buffering functions in PHP. 376 more words

Zend Framework