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Use cx-Oracle in Python to bulk load arbitrary tables using csv files

I recently got a request to load hundreds of database tables in a day and a half using csv files our developers created. I considered using SQL Loader but I didn’t want to spend the time understanding the table structure and creating the control file for each table. 215 more words


exact match bracket for keywords in csv file (Ms Excel)

csv file with single column keywords, to add [] bracket to each one (exact match – so that you can copy into the adwords editor/ui for quick process.) 42 more words


Export CSV data to Excel

Export CSV File

CSV used to be an abbreviation for Comma Separated Value files, a simple text file format used to import and export data between databases. 187 more words

Dynamic Micro Trust

Reportico PHP Report Designer

Reportico PHP Report Designer

An Open Source PHP web reporting tool. Design reports. Build Report Menus. Embed reports in web pages. Add criteria selection. Run to HTML, PDF, CSV. 14 more words

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Reporting in Rails : Report generation : Downloadable in any Format | PDF | CSV | XLS

Working on report generation is a time consuming task yet very necessary for any software projects. End of the day every business owner needs to see where their business stands or see ongoing activity in the system. 423 more words

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Export your client data to CSV

Export to CSV Filter Exporting data to CSV File frm_after_create_entry

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SSRS : Disable CSV header while SSRS report export to CSV using URL Reporting

Let say we have the report with only table and its deployed on server as shown below:-

Now export the report as CSV and open it ,  you will see the header columns as shown in below screen:- 102 more words