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Downloading Bank Transactions to CSV

Click here to download step by step instructions on how to download your bank transactions from your CIBC bank account for us to complete your year end. 16 more words


Hands On ETL, Part 1


Like most DBAs I have become accustomed to using a particular set of tools when loading data into a database. For me the “go to” tools are SSIS and Linked Servers. 1,102 more words

Export SharePoint Users and Properties from a specific Site Collection into a CSV file via PowerShell

Wanted to provide a very helpful PowerShell snippet that I have used on multiple SharePoint farms to pull a list of users and their properties that can be exported out to a CSV file. 202 more words


實習 -day 18

2017/8/8 (二)


因為李總好像以為我們要幫Vincent做很多事(Eric是幫Vincent做滿多事的啦),而且他原本想要我們做的事情我們都沒有做過,雖然我真的沒有做過很多事但我覺得如果李總派下來我們還是會想辦法完成,畢竟每個工作如果都有做過那就不用來學了啊。結果李總就說我們還是研究車辨軟體就好了,讀參數設定的文件,看要怎麼設定才能辨到最多車牌。 131 more words


R- 開箱文


下載和Tutorial也是像Python一樣找到官方網站就可以去下載了,因為R也是免費的所以滿容易就可以下載的;另外還有RStudio是R的GUI,像MATLAB一樣有使用者介面可以操作,還有working space等,而且RStudio裡面的command line會自動跑出建議的函數,讓人安心許多。我目前是看官方Tutorial學,目前才學第一到第四章,但我覺得這個比Python還要崩潰百倍,即使學了上下學期的統計外加一個學期的機率,還是常常忘記什麼標準差、 213 more words


Export SharePoint Online Term Stores using PowerShell

How to Export SharePoint Online Term Stores to CSV file, to allow you import it in any other environment ?

Unfortunately Microsoft Provides a simple out of the box way to import term stores using CSV template, but didn’t provide a way for exporting… 395 more words


Change Column Separator on CSV in OpenOffice Calc

If you want to change the existing column separator or the “delimiter” of a CSV in open office, follow the easy steps :

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