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AX2012 R2 - Import BAI2 Bank Statement

Hi Folks,

It’s time to update Functional stuff which I found from source by Andy Mooney on Importing BAI2 Bank Statement.

Please go through above source which would resolve your configuration problem before importing Bank statement.

Till then, Happy DaXing..

Exporting data from Amazon RDS MySQL database to .csv or viewable in Excel sheet.

Amazon RDS do not allow to export table content to a csv file using mysql command.

select * from desired_table
INTO outfile "/path/to/csv file/file.csv"
fields terminated by ','; …
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Amazon Rds

Das Lightning-Netzwerk

Was ist das Lightning-Netzwerk? In diesem Beitrag versuchen wir, allgemeinverständlich zu erklären, wie dieses Wunderwerk der Bitcoin-Skalierbarkeit funktioniert. Teil 1 dreht sich um Payment-Channels. 2,253 more words


Importing input from a CSV file and using it in a Powershell Query to output another CSV

This will show you how to run a PowerShell script that will use fields from an existing Comma Separated Value file (CSV) and output the results to another CSV. 482 more words


Alternative methods of importing into Storyspace and Tinderbox

In my previous article about exporting data from FileMaker Pro to Storyspace and Tinderbox, I showed a method which relied on a custom script to extract a carefully formatted text file ready for import. 646 more words


Calculate Your Golf Hadicap Easily with Powershell

I’m a big-time golf fan!  I love to play it as much as possible.  In some ways, it’s addicting. I love to challenge myself each season and see whether I can reduce handicap.  471 more words


Format mobile column when open *.csv on execl

There isn’t an easy way to control the formatting Excel applies when opening a .csv file. However listed below are three approaches that might help.

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