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Last Week on My Mac: Moving with the times and the data

I started studying for my first degree in Oxford in 1972, before the UK joined what was then the Common Market, only a year after we had decimalised our currency from pounds, shillings, and pence, and when the Cold War was at its height. 842 more words


R as a platform for data conversion: JSON to Excel for log extracts

It’s a bit of a fiddle, and its fairly ugly, but I have now found a route by which you can convert JSON data extracted from Sierra’s logs into spreadsheet formats. 815 more words


Quick exploration of data using spark shell

Data analytics has never been easier to use than in the last decade thanks to open sources projects like Hadoop, Spark and many others.

In this post we are going to use spark-shell to read a CSV file and analyze it by running sql queries on this dataset. 1,171 more words


Open Data from 2012-2016

Registration from the CrossFit Open 2017 has begun. Continuing from my previous post, I have finished pulling data for the Open events from 2012 to 2016. 479 more words

Python 3.5

Parsing YOCTO's license.manifest with Python

NOTE: individual segments of this article will also appear as distinct entries, tackling single subjects (ex: Writing data to a JSON file from Python)

Among many other things, …

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Rails : Import CSV data to database

Actually there are various ways to achieve this. Firstly you can use the PostGreSQL’s copy command. Secondly you can choose to use Ruby to load data. 382 more words

Ruby On Rails

Adding new CSV to Hyper-V Cluster

Presenting a new CSV to an existing Hyper-V cluster is simple operation, but the steps listed on the MS site miss out some key steps so here are all the steps you will need to add a CSV. 104 more words

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