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Intro to Julia: Filtering Rows with R, Python, and Julia

In one of my earlier posts I introduced the Julia programming language by comparing how you can read and write CSV files in R, … 5,124 more words


Import/Export CSV in Rails.

For exporting data from a rails model to CSV. Assuming you have a model Book with fields: name, author, code, isbn and image_url.

CSV.open("books.csv", "w") do |csv|
  csv << ["Name", "Author", "Code", "ISBN”,”Image URL"]
  Book.all.each do |book|
    csv << 
… 64 more words

Dat to csv with PowerShell

From our previous adventures installing Linux-like shells so we can use grep and sed, we may have given the impression of avoiding Microsoft tools. It’s time to correct that. 231 more words


Building Sustainable Futures - how CSR is becoming CSV

Simone Hindmarch-Bye is the co-founder of Commercial Group, and the brains/heart behind their CSR policies and achievements. Simone described the moment she was inspired to take action – after watching the 2005 film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ (one of my favourite films ever!). 606 more words


Pycurl and Pandas - Get csv file and explore it

Importing libraries

import pandas as pd
import os as os
import pycurl
import csv

To get the location of current working directory


‘C:\\Anaconda’ To change the working directory… 362 more words


The best thing that makes validation tools a worth one

There are so much more Equipment Validation we all can do as terms built as with the aim heed the recurrence of meant in the least proud or time. 283 more words

Cleaning Validation

2015 in Pictures 27/52

We took the wolfdogs to a sensory garden for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. They had a huge enclosed area to explore, part of it was mown and some had been left more like a meadow with paths through it. 65 more words