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Powershell to copy data from CSV to Excel

I had a request to take data from a CSV file that was being automatically downloaded and copy a section of the data into an existing spreadsheet. 390 more words


How to export to csv, pdf and more using DataTables

Ever wanted to easily export tabular data as csv, pdf, Excel in addition to copying and printing them with just a click in a ColdBox or any web applications and sites? 452 more words

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Jupyter + loading dataset from Vizier

Now, let us read the dataset that we downloaded from Vizier (in our last post), into python:

In this video, we import the file and change the read functions parameters to fit the format of the code. 135 more words


Reading data from CSV file in Selenium framework

We can use Apache POI API to read the data from excel but if you come across any scenario for reading the data from CSV file then POI API will not be helpful. 235 more words

Automation Testing

PowerShell: Create a CSV Report of Mailbox Sizes

The following is a simple script to generate a mailbox size report CSV for a set of email addresses.  The full function and explanation follows. 237 more words


Orchestrating File Processing and Archiving Using appRules File Iteration Activities

A common requirement in IT shops is the ability to quickly process lots of files in a manageable and predictable manner.  CSV, Excel, Access, XML, JSON are some of the file types that you may be asked to process and archive. 393 more words

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Towards gvSIG 2.3: CSV (Wizard) importer

CSV files loading in gvSIG had several problems occasionally, because to define the CSV properties it was necessary to have advanced knowledge about the format. To solve this situation, we find a CSV file importer in gvSIG 2.3 -importing them as a Table as well as loading them as a layer when they have coordinates-. 27 more words

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