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Spaceships in the Ocean

Our ocean holds secrets: the strangest alien forms, reminiscent of spaceships.  These gelatinous creatures are luminous, spreading waves of colour through their unpigmented body.  They are the… 568 more words


Electrifying show at the Prom

For our last trip to Wilsons Promontory with friends Greg and Ann before we take the boat back to the Gippsland Lakes, the sailing was ordinary, but the light show at night was electrifying!  309 more words


UPDATE: Sponges Back on Top

Or should that be bottom? Back in July I wrote an article here about comb jellies and the origins of complex animals. There is currently a debate raging in zoological circles about whether sponges or comb jellies are actually the most primitive form of animal life on our planet and in July a new genomic study had just been published which suggested the title should go to the jellies. 973 more words

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