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ReVamp Updates!

We’ve got lots of things going on here at ReVamp Wholesale! Below we’ve included a short list of important updates including holiday hours, LCD buy back updates, as well as CTIA info. 129 more words

The Long-Awaited Net Neutrality Lawsuits Are Finally Here

As it was foretold, so it has come to pass: with the Open Internet Rule finally entering the Federal Register yesterday, lawsuit season is now officially open. 565 more words

It's Almost Lawsuit Season: Broadband Trade Groups Prepping Their Legal Arguments Against Net Neutrality

The FCC voted on the Open Internet Order — net neutrality — about six weeks ago. But nobody ever accused the wheels of bureaucracy of turning quickly and so it is only this week that the rule has been sent off to the fine folks at the Federal Register. 594 more words

Net Neutrality in the Courtroom

Barely two week after the release of the FCC’s new net neutrality rules there have been two lawsuits filed asking the courts to set aside the new rules. 712 more words

Regulation - What Is It Good For?

FCC Plans a Vote on New Airwaves Sharing Plan

Federal regulators are set to vote next month on a plan to allow wireless carriers and companies including Google to share airwaves with the government, in an effort to make more airwaves available for future wireless devices. 368 more words


Researcher faults unlocking policies from Sprint and T-Mobile

Sprint and T-Mobile don’t fully comply with a series of voluntary smartphone and tablet unlocking policies, even though both companies were praised last week by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for doing so, according to an independent analysis performed by a former developer of unlocking software. 784 more words

IT News

US wireless carriers now legally have to unlock our phones

After two years behind bars and a whole lot of petition-signing, US mobile phone owners have regained their gadgets’ freedom: we now have the ability to legally unlock our phones and take them to whatever network carrier has compatible cell towers. 545 more words