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CTIA 2016: Recap!

We’re back and rested from CTIA 2016 and wow, what a ride!  We were honored and humbled to be the Wireless Repair Expo Premier Sponsor! Though it’s been go-go-go since our plane touched down at O’Hare, we wanted to take a moment to give you a recap the wonderful time we had with many of you in Vegas. 330 more words

News & Updates

FCC Chair On 5G Future: "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet."

If you’re the wireless industry, you have to pay attention to the FCC. Everything it does determines everything you can do. So it’s not surprising that at the industry’s big annual event today, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler would take the stage for a keynote. 1,020 more words

Cable, Wireless Industries Try Yet Again To Take Net Neutrality To Court

We have had had net neutrality as the law of the land for over a year now. Lawsuits immediately followed its implementation, of course, but the appeals court… 623 more words

$25M Government Study Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer In Rats

A newly released study from the National Toxicology Program, a division of the National Institutes of Health, has found a link between the kind of radiation emitted by cell phones and cancer in rats. 507 more words

AT&T, Verizon Tell FCC That They Should Be Able To Block Texts When They Want To, For Your Own Good

Texting isn’t just the purview of teenagers. Bulk texting is a huge business. Sometimes they’re scam spam in about the same category of usefulness as emails from a wealthy Nigerian prince who doesn’t exist, granted, but sometimes they’re useful blasts from businesses or public entities that let a whole bunch of people get useful information quickly in a low-bandwidth way. 548 more words

LTE MIMO Antennas Analysis

MIMO的測試,CTIA有定義MIMO的天線治具,這邊挑了LTE Band-13的頻帶,去將模擬及實測量測的結果,一窺有關MIMO的測試及特性。

B-13 Reference Antennas from CTIA




Reference Antenna Simulation Setting… 95 more words


Antenna Base Training Antenna Pattern Part


What is Antenna Gain?
1. 絕對增益Gi (dBi):這是最常用的天線增益,如果沒有特別定義的話,一般天線報告都會用這個增益單位,它的基底是全向性天線,全向性天線在真實世界是做不出來的,稱為絕對增益,絕對增益就是與全向性天線的場型來比較。
2. 相對增益Gd(dBd):此天線增益的基底是標準耦極天線的場型,與它做相對的值,它與絕對增益相差2.15dB。

Ref. RF Lab. Of Jinwen University of Science and Technology

Antenna Polarization Define
接下來介紹天線極化的定義,下圖為CTIA Test Plan擷取下來的,這是一個球座標,球座標的定義可以在電磁學的後面章節可以查閱的到,這裡就簡單的介紹用的到的地方。 157 more words