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We all struggle in life. We all hear things we cannot do… We hear negative things, it’s on the news. We are Africans, we limited in our minds. 223 more words

origami bouquets// always

Congrats to Maplerose and Wartjr on their marriage!
Always” Piano arrangement – Erasure

Initial “sketch.”

Comments: “Why is the ‘囍’ on the butt?””Shouldn’t they be on the same one?” 58 more words


urgent quest// guarding your back

The spelling is deliberate, as it’s Monster Hunter. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it, though.


PDF ver.


cross my heart// quantum

Really tired this week for no reason…the office is 8 minutes from the bus stop, but it’s actually cold for once.

This is the final CTRL-A project I will work on. 22 more words


the wind makes it too hard to hear // topspin

Just some rough drafts, excuse the lack of variety and excess of capitalization. x-x


Seoul: Peacing out at Din Tai Fung

Departure day sucks. I’m fat, I’m tired, I’m broke, I typically have a cold at that point, and I have at least 16 hours of being physically uncomfortable while also dealing with the public ahead of me. 888 more words