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The Filmmation Immigration (Alfonso Cuarón)

Alfonso who?

Alfonso Cuarón has been involved in the motion picture business since 1982. His career was launched in the Mexican film industry when he was hired to run cable for the film “La Vispera” (1982), but little did he know then, that that introduction would eventually pave the way for blockbusters and Oscars.  1,496 more words

Potter's New Groove: Finding a Unique Voice in Adaptation

To celebrate the launch of Adapt That and the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them all in one whirlwind week, we are writing two Harry Potter-themed posts in a row. 1,213 more words

Throwback Thursday

33. Children of Men

Of course illegal immigration is issue No. 1 in the hopeless near-future envisioned by Children of Men. The film begins with news stories about mass roundups and deportations. 334 more words


Expect Great Blah Blah Bad Joke

Film: Great Expectations
Year: 1998
Director: Alfonso Cuarón

If you’re still reading this critical schlock chute I call a blog, then it can only be because you find yourself hounded by one prevailing cinelogical question, which holds you tight in an insomniac buzz through the night hours and over which every tier of your conscious, crying out in the unanimous voice of revolt, demands satisfaction. 700 more words

15 Mind-Blowing One-Shot Action Scenes

From very early on, film directors attempted to push the boundaries of conventional editing norms with the use of long takes or “oners”. These extended shots, often composed with sophisticated and complex camerawork, allowed them to obtain a more coherent timing, bring a peculiar sort of realism to the scene, and manipulate tension. 135 more words