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Cub scout reads my shirt
Performs interpretive dance
On Harry Potter

My 9-Year-Old : Camping Trip

A has been in scout since he was first grader. While I am not into scout myself, but it is a great thing that he joined it. 230 more words


Station Leader

A day camp station leader is responsible for working with the day camp program director to prepare and operate an activity station at camp. Station leaders work directly with the boys and get to have all the fun! 389 more words

Cub Scout


Do you have the ability to organize information and structure processes? Are you looking for service opportunities or chances to develop your organizational skills? The Sawtooth District is looking for volunteer Cub Scout day camp registrars in 2016. 336 more words

Cub Scout

The Joys and Pangs of Being a Single Parent and Black…..

Time and again, reality check strikes me that I am Black and a single parent, in a sea of Whites and Marrieds. I have felt both the joys, and pangs of being Black or a single parent, even when I am the ‘token’ in the group. 1,086 more words


Are you using the new Cub Scout program?

Some leaders may have missed roundtable meetings earlier this spring where we talked about the new Cub Scouting program. If you are one of those leaders, please attend in September and ask as many questions as needed until you are comfortable with the new program.

Cub Scout

Library Finds

To continue on with the theme of yesterday’s post on SCOUTStrong, I wanted to share the BSA’s  Snack Smart volunteer letter and their tips for serving… 421 more words