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#90: Laramie, WY 3/7/17

It was a sleepy Tuesday evening at Laramie City Hall. Frankly, hibernating bears see more action than we did at this council meeting.

The audience was pared down to Laramie’s hale and hearty: the man scrolling on his phone in a camouflage jacket (this is Wyoming), the guy wearing a dress shirt and stylish vest (this is…Wyoming?), and the cub scout fidgeting next to his mom in the back row. 511 more words

Cub Scout Joe's Mile Swimming Challenge

As many of you may (or may not) know, when I’m not sat behind a desk doing my full-time job, or doing Bookkeeping work, I volunteer as a Cub Scout Leader. 192 more words


Cub Scout Toy Drive in Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 3, 2016,  1:00 p.m.


This year, Cub Scout Pack 101, the Marine Corps Reserve, Psi Eta, and Metropolis Firefighter Local 3367 are teaming up to do something really special. 117 more words

All The Buzz - Bee Informed

I pledge allegiance...

On Veteran’s Day, this particular liberal feminist discussed with her son the pledge of allegiance and the history of our flag.

He’s a Cub Scout, and it’s part of what he is learning to earn his Bear badge. 929 more words


Owl Prowl

On Sunday, November 13, I took the Cub Scouts and their siblings to the Delaware Nature Society’s Owl Prowl at Bucktoe Creek Preserve.  We had a lesson from the instructor on what owls are in the area and what we can expect.   71 more words


BSA (Cub Scout) volunteer was not liable for injuries to cub because cub assumed the risk of his injuries. The BSA & Council were not liable because volunteer was not an agent.

A volunteer is not an employee or under the control of the sponsoring organization or BSA councils. Additionally, the plaintiff was injured due to an inherent risk of the sport and therefore the defendants owed him no duty because of the doctrine of primary assumption of risk. 1,778 more words

Case Analysis

Flames: The Caveman Way (or BSA style)

This post isn’t about old flames. I don’t have any. All my crushes were on-screen and, sadly, most of them have passed away. I wouldn’t really call them an old flame. 355 more words

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