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Get your Beavers listening carefully to commands with this quick, active game.


Move any obstacles to the side of the room, or clear an area outside. Instruct everyone to move around the space at a brisk walk, changing direction often but watching where they are going so they don’t bump into each other. 127 more words



Transgenderism – Small Gods and Great Harm

The Boy Scouts of America announced their decision to allow “transgender boys” into Scouting, caving in to progressives’ program of sexual self-creation. 743 more words

It's Only Funny If You Laugh: On Asthma, Rain, Burnt Popcorn, and Scouting

Have you ever had a day that ran like something fully scripted out of a slap stick comedy sketch? And we’re not talking that clean back and forward banter Seinfeld stuff either…I’m talking full on… 1,814 more words


#90: Laramie, WY 3/7/17

It was a sleepy Tuesday evening at Laramie City Hall. Frankly, hibernating bears see more action than we did at this council meeting.

The audience was pared down to Laramie’s hale and hearty: the man scrolling on his phone in a camouflage jacket (this is Wyoming), the guy wearing a dress shirt and stylish vest (this is…Wyoming?), and the cub scout fidgeting next to his mom in the back row. 511 more words

Cub Scout Joe's Mile Swimming Challenge

As many of you may (or may not) know, when I’m not sat behind a desk doing my full-time job, or doing Bookkeeping work, I volunteer as a Cub Scout Leader. 192 more words


Cub Scout Toy Drive in Christmas Parade

Saturday, December 3, 2016,  1:00 p.m.


This year, Cub Scout Pack 101, the Marine Corps Reserve, Psi Eta, and Metropolis Firefighter Local 3367 are teaming up to do something really special. 117 more words

All The Buzz - Bee Informed

I pledge allegiance...

On Veteran’s Day, this particular liberal feminist discussed with her son the pledge of allegiance and the history of our flag.

He’s a Cub Scout, and it’s part of what he is learning to earn his Bear badge. 929 more words