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Before Night Falls-Reinaldo Arenas

The Cuban Revolutionary war has been viewed through different lenses, typically dependent upon which side of history the viewer falls on.  Fidel Castro’s march through Havana after the exit of Fulgencia Batista was paraded as the era of change that Cuba needed in order to break out from Yankee imperialism and the iron grip of organized crime.  925 more words


Cuba to recognize private property, ban discrimination

According to a BBC article, Cuba will officially recognize private property for the first time in decades under a new constitution featuring several far-reaching changes, including a ban on discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, or disability. 309 more words


My Trip to La Habana

I visited Cuba for two weeks in May and gather more information about Santeria and the intersection between the Afro-Cuban religion and medicine. It’s no secret that Cuba has shown to be a leader in health. 771 more words

Growing up in a Latinx family, you come to understand that grandma always has the cure to your cold or body aches. She knows that remolacha (beets) mixed with God knows what will cure your anemia (true story). 459 more words

How to escape from Cuba

Do you like river crossings?

Plan B?

While we were trying to come up with an alternative way to get to Santiago now we knew there was no chance of a train, a guy comes up to us and had seen me towing Egle into town. 1,928 more words


Cuba: Havana to Varadero

Cuba: Havana to Varadero

Hey! So after a month off from blogging I am back to tell you about Cuba including my top tips, info on where we stayed and a photo look book of our trip! 2,207 more words