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So…here I am, abandoned by the Silver Fox again. This time on a month-long adventure to Spain with Sallory.

Me, with no one to drink wine with but Mistress Myrtle the Mean. 819 more words


Crossing Borders

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the gap in posts! I went out of town over my school’s Fall Break and I had a great time! I went to Mexico for the first time, and I visited my friend in Southern NM and took lots of photos! 380 more words

footnote to "me too"

That was also the weekend I made a major shift in my life.

I spent the weekend with my cousin. Booked a trip to Cuba.  Decided to buy a car.  14 more words

Living It Up

I’ve been…

..full out this week, of which, has left me with a sore throat and a illness hangover. But, that’s not stopping me from getting out there and dirty. 442 more words


Isla da la Juventud - Cuba

For more information on my new home you can visit,  isladelajuventud-cuba.com



October 22 in history:

On October 22nd, 1962, President John F. Kennedy made a televised speech publicly revealing the existence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.  In the speech, Kennedy announced a quarantine on ships that might be carrying offensive weapons to Cuba. 164 more words

Today In History

Honoring an Intercessor

This week marks ten years since my late husband Bengt Lundquist went to his eternal home. I can’t thank God enough that I have the hope of meeting him again. 1,098 more words

My Life