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 This blog post will eventually be split into 3 parts (days) so it makes sense, in the meantime, thanks for stopping by to visit.

This journey has been six years in the making and Sam, Charles, Lainie, Candi and others have helped me to prepare, it was Charles final instructions that Judith and I decided – “waiting is for those who wish too long!!!”  So the plan is for me to do the initial exploration and Judith will join in June 2016 as we come back to the Caribbean’s largest island, and as I told Judith if things don’t work out…….we could always try and get a raft to Belize!!!!!! 376 more words

Candi Sosa

Beet juice

My mom says
she wants to return to Cuba,
in search of
to be rid of
and other signature
American things.


William Morgan, der Amerikaner, der die kubanische Revolution rettete

El americano que salvó la Revolución cubana

Un documental rescata la figura de William Morgan, un estadounidense que llegó a ser comandante guerrillero y que fue fusilado en 1961 por conspirar contra Fidel Castro.

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The morning I was due to fly out, I was itching with excitement. Cuba is up there as one of the most fascinating countries in the world, a place where back in 1959 Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and the revolution hit pause. 1,211 more words