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Recent Developments In Cuban Policy Foster Economic Investment

Once seen as an escapists paradise during the Prohibition Era, Cuba has long fallen off its perch as the haven for American indulgences. However, recent developments in regards to President Obama’s and Raul Castro’s approach to normalizing American-Cuban relations has the potential to revive the economic relationship the two countries once shared. 844 more words


Normalizing Relations With Cuba: Has the U.S. Learned Its Lesson?

By: Nelson Valdes

Before 1898 Cuba was a nation without a state. It had a colonial status but also had an evolving national culture and identity, an emerging nationhood and its own history. 1,402 more words


U.S. - Cuba relations have always been far from 'normal'

Online Athens – Aug 23

By Louis A. Perez Jr. / Tribune News Service

U.S.-Cuba relations are still far from normal — and may never be. 655 more words


Secretary of State John Kerry & The Opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana

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“It was a beautiful sunny day, and the sea in the background was exhibiting its most wonderful shade of blue. The flag looked as the queen of an absolutely cloudless sky. 137 more words


More Good News on Trade: Cracks in US Embargoes

What are two things that Cuba and Iran have in common? First, a US trade embargo which has been in place for decades. Second, emerging cracks in these embargoes that promise new, if limited, trade opportunities. 434 more words

International Trade Law

Do you favor the re-opening of U.S. and Cuban embassies, and lifting of the trade embargo?

The road to renewed diplomatic relations with Cuba will most assuredly be bumpy. There is just too much history, the vast majority of it bad, for the process to be anything but. 533 more words


Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba & President Obama's Letter to Cuba's President

July 1, 2015

With the reestablishment of diplomatic ties with the United States, the lifting of the blockade, among other issues, will be essential to the ultimate normalization of relations. 956 more words