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Bigotry Ain't Cheap

Helps to be obscenely wealthy and holding the purse strings to a failing empire hostage.  What Obama did ending 60 years of insanity towards Cuba was historic and worthy of another Nobel Peace Prize. 40 more words


Cuban Embargo Lift

March 2016 – Some thoughts on the recent announcement on the embargo lift. First and foremost, I am not Cuban. I am a Mexican American so I cannot fully understand the emotional impact of the situation, but I do understand some things about it. 594 more words

What Fidel’s Death Means for the Future of Tech in Cuba

Though he has not led Cuba for nearly a decade, the death of Fidel Castro on Friday may open a new chapter in the island’s slow path towards political and economic liberalization. 383 more words


Sailing Cuba's Caribbean Coast

Although “vacation” and “pleasure” are not yet authorized reasons for Americans to visit Cuba, it is now possible for U.S. sailors to charter a sailboat and cruise the island’s southern coast. 65 more words

Stephen Blakely