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Chubby Bounty Hunter 013

Watch me devour a Cuban sandwich in a laundromat in this first Chubby episode outside the dog van.




Alton Brown's Favorite Sandwich of All Time...

…The Cuban Sandwich.

My goal is to follow 365 Alton Brown recipes in one year.

This is number 15!

On his website Alton Brown indicates that this is his favorite sandwich of all time.   116 more words


First Cooking Sous Vide Experience without Machine Assistance

This weekend my parents hosted a birthday party for all of my family members with birthdays in August (7 people in all). Because it is quite a large event and closely mirrors all the festivities you enjoy during Christmas but with a slight contrast of instead of hanging out indoors where it is warm and cozy we hang out outside by the pool where it is warm and crispy and instead of eating native heavy winter meals we eat quick dishes that are native to mobility while eating. 1,350 more words


One pork tenderloin roast; two delicious meals

After returning from a long trip the last thing I want to do is cook.  So we tend to eat out for several days until I have time to restock the pantry and refrigerator.  626 more words


Classic dish finds new home in a French loaf at Buccan sandwich shop

After having once been a go-to lunch among power brokers and others in erstwhile continental restaurants, steak tartare has been on a wild ride.

The dish—raw chopped beef blended with onion, raw egg yolk and perhaps capers and Worcestershire—has yo-yoed in popularity, with everything from periods of increased raw-beef-consumption wariness to times of being all the rage. 218 more words

Palm Beach Restaurants

Wherein A Cubano At The Mall Inspires Musing About Suburban Living.

The Cubano is another name for the Cuban sandwich. Yesterday, in a bit of defiance against Weight Watcher point-counting, I ordered one at Cheesecake Factory.  I put one half of the beast aside, ate one half. 341 more words


Life's a beach, and then you eat...

With the exception of a visit to Panama City Beach last fall, my impressions of beach cuisine through the years haven’t been great. Fried fish, fries, burgers, fries, fried cheese, maybe a taco, more fries… Now I like fries and fried food as much as the next person, but I can’t imagine eating this stuff on a regular basis and still trying to rock a bikini. 767 more words