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Cube Says They're Remaking Beast As A 3 Membered Group Including Former Member Jang Hyunseung

Cube has decided their going to remake Beast with former member Jang Hyunseung and two new members after the original Beast decided not to resign with them Late last year, which is a pretty crack ass idea to begin with but the assery doesn’t end there as Jang Hyunseung updated his Instagram stating that he didn’t even know. 224 more words


Hyunseung Sangkal Akan Bentuk Kembali B2ST

Setelah beredar kabar dari pihak CUBE Entertainment tentang Hyunseung, yang akan membentuk kembali grup B2ST, Hyunseung muncul dengan pernyataan mengejutkan.

Melalui akun Instagramnya, Hyunseung menulis: 103 more words


Hyunseung Akan Bentuk Kembali Grup B2ST

Kabar mengejutkan datang untuk para Beauty. Hyunseung dikabarkan memperbaharui kontraknya dengan Cube Entertainment pada Desember lalu, dan akan kembali membentuk grup B2ST. 

Namun disayangkan, bahwa grup B2ST yang akan dibentuk kembali oleh Hyunseung akan berbeda dari grup B2ST yang selama ini dikenal oleh para penggemar. 46 more words


CLC Hobglobin Review

CLC is back with their 5th mini album and new concept! Their song “Hobglobin” was written by Hyuna. 479 more words


CLC Comeback Review: "Hobgoblin"

To put it kindly, Cube Entertainment has been going through a lot of changes lately. They just lost their two most influential groups when they disbanded 4minute and Beast decided to form their own agency.   2,433 more words


'The Queen's Back'! HyunA Reveals North American Tour Dates

On Jan. 4, entertainment company KpopMe! announced HyunA would be embarking on a U.S. tour, with a poster brazenly proclaiming, “The Queen’s Back.” Shortly after, their website posted tour dates and ticketing information. 294 more words

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CLC Makes Fierce Comeback with 'Hobgoblin'

The girls of CLC are back with a fierce, new image!

They deviated from their previous concepts with “Hobgoblin,” a powerful and addictive track with an equally fierce choreography and fashion style. 30 more words