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Journey into Nyx, Conspiracy, and Vintage Masters Updates

Since I spend most of my time working on Gathering Magic I always forget to share the latest cube updates I’ve turned out. Here are the last two: 59 more words

Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska

Duel Decks are an established product that Wizards has been producing since Elves vs. Goblins dropped in 2007. Generally two Duel Decks are released each year. 954 more words


I've Made A Huge Mistake

Initially I overlooked Searing Blood. The first time I saw the card, I thought that Searing Blood is only a bad version of Searing Blaze. Both are double Red instants that can deal with a creature and also Bolt a player. 227 more words


Born of the Gods Update

Precinct Captain is a card that looks so much stronger on paper than he is in practice. The double white mana cost limits the number of decks looking to play him. 901 more words


Magic 2014 Update

If you aren’t following me over at Gathering Magic, it’s easy to miss when the updates slide in. Check out what made the cut from Magic 2014.

Dragon's Maze Pauper Cube Update (And Modern Masters Wish List)

While I shared it over on Gathering Magic a couple weeks ago, the Dragon’s Maze Pauper Cube update is still a fast turn around compared to previous updates. 21 more words