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Fourth Dimension Part 2: Understanding 4-d space through strings

In the last article, we had used two different approaches to understand the structure of a tesseract by trying to define a direction other than the existing three. 2,138 more words


Cube (David Scribe Reviews)

A mathematical hell tests a group of strangers. David Scribe breaks it down.


#009 The Director's Office

B1_#009 // The Director’s Office // Adrian Ma

If the director has an office it is the least of his assets. In a world that is fundamentally chaotic, it’s the Director’s role to navigate his party through this landscape. 89 more words


一沙一世界 冰封在立方體裡的小宇宙

日本品牌 usagi no nedoko ,帶有濃厚的自然氣息,其中一系列 Sola cube 便以植物之美為概念延伸出一系列精美的立方體。自地球上最初誕生的單一個體距今已有38億年之久,這些生命演變成花,水果和種子,維持了數百萬代的生命週期,Sola cube 便將此元素化作藝術品。


Experimenting is fun/Kísérletezni jó

I’ve been busy lately. Creative. And had lots of fun. And I feel good because of it. I had a few late nights, a sick child, sick hubby and sick myself in the last couple of weeks. 1,004 more words

My BeadCreatives/GyöngyKreatívok

New Cube

I get up at 6:30 AM. Commute to work, 1.5 hours. Work 8 hours. Commute back, 1.5 hours. Get home by about 6:30 PM. In bed by 9. 187 more words