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Putting all of my eggs in your basket

You won’t find brood parasites like the cuckoo wasting time building nests or caring for their young, because unlike many of us that pay extortionate childcare costs, the cuckoo gets their childminding done for free. 516 more words


The Eagle Has Fallen - Right on Cue

Division, division, division. Yada, yada, yada! Shock horror! The Second US Civil War is in full swing. Swipes at diversionary behavior with sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. 987 more words

New World Order

About Channel-billed Cuckoos and other cuckoos of the Top End

Cuckoos are unpopular with other birds. They have a habit of sneaking into other birds houses, chucking out the kids and depositing cuckoo children in their place. 421 more words


Costa Rica: Birding around the Resort

Costa Rica operates on Central Standard Time. Being so close to the equator, however, it receives roughly 12 hours of daylight throughout the year; as such, it has no need for Daylight Saving Time, and doesn’t reset its clocks twice a year. 2,384 more words


Why Not Croak & Coot Tag Team Competition!

Open Gardens

I promised Jen Dening I would give a mention to the Open Garden event taking place this weekend at Stone Rings Close, Harrogate, so here it is. 1,915 more words

John Clare and my Father

Not so long ago In Our Time dedicated a programme to John Clare. Listening to it I was struck when the panel described how, after his brief lionisation, Clare was disparaged and forgotten through most of the 19th and 20th centuries until, they said, poets like Ted Hughes ‘re-discovered’ him. 706 more words


Incitement to War - The Zionist Template

When first I started to look into the connection of the Eight Families, the financial system of control and the back story that led to the events leading to the First World War, it became mightily apparent the hands of the Cuckoos, aka Zionists, were behind so many of the major moves orchestrated to incite total war. 1,048 more words

State Of The World