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Fowled Up: Funny and Offbeat Names for Birds

Many of our chosen monikers for birds are nothing short of odd. At times, they’re outright humorous. Even several scientific terms are not immune to chuckles, especially for folks with a limited acquaintance of Latin. 1,008 more words



Cuckoos are on the way! Satellite tagging by the British Trust for Ornithology has revealed their extraordinary journey. Cuckoos spend the winter with lowland gorillas in the African Congo rainforests. 676 more words

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Cuckoo in Coombs | Trattoria & Pizzeria

Bonjour, mes amis! Or should I say, ciao, il mio amici! Guess what? This is my first ~official~ Local Loves Nanaimo post since returning home from my… 630 more words

Vancouver Island

Love’s in the Air

If romantic love has a holiday then it has to be St. Valentine’s Day. But this was not always the case. As strange as it may sound, we likely owe this popular notion in part to an English poem composed more than 600 years ago—a poem about a bunch of birds written for a 14-year-old monarch and his soon-to-be-wife. 1,246 more words



The Common Hawk-Cuckoo (Hierococcyx varius), popularly known as the Brainfever Bird, is a medium-sized cuckoo resident in the Indian subcontinent. It bears a close resemblance to the Shikra, a sparrow hawk, even in its style of flying and landing on a perch. 33 more words


The Joy of Dogs: Poo, Cuckoo, ZhouZhou

I’m more of a cat person. The poo. We wouldn’t be able to travel. Too much hoovering. Too much poo. The eldest’s afraid of dogs. Mandatory walks even in filthy weather. 832 more words


Fauna Friday: All Cuckoo Clocks are From Europe

Almost everyone I know is familiar with the venerable cuckoo clock, whether from seeing them depicted in cartoons or by actually having one around the house. 585 more words

Fauna Friday