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Year 1 pupils go cuckoo!

The theme in our maths lessons recently has been ‘learning to tell the time’, which naturally spread into our history lesson looking at the past. We studied the history of the cuckoo clock, made in Germany by wood cutters, who carved the clocks in the Black Forest 300 years ago. 84 more words

Independent School


This has been another action-filled birding month in my garden. While the flocks of Red-winged Starlings has decreased, there are still a number around that are finding fruit somewhere else in the neighbourhood. 822 more words


Shit Things Birds Do: The Cuckoo

I should start this with a declaration. I like birds. I really do. As the years roll by and I realise I’m slowly turning into my mother, there’re few things that relax me more than sitting outside somewhere idyllic with a coffee, a good book, and the backdrop of avian evensong. 317 more words


Breakfasting bird

The Common Hawk-cuckoo (Scientific name: Cuculus varius) with its catch. Clicked at Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in March/2014.


Common Hawk-Cuckoo

The Common Hawk-cuckoo, popularly known as the Brainfever Bird (Scientific name: Cuculus varius), is a medium-sized cuckoo resident in the Indian subcontinent. Thisone was clicked at Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in March/2014.


Superstitious Lancashire - Animals and Birds

They were a superstitious lot, those old Lancastrians. Naturally they were worried by a myriad of things unseen – the boggarts and ghosts that haunt this county – but they also held superstitious beliefs about all kinds of perfectly visible animals and birds. 873 more words


Cuckoo for Chicken

I eat a lot of chicken, mostly because it’s quick and easy for a non- chef such as myself.  You would think after all the episodes of Chopped, I’d know a thing or two, but no such luck.   262 more words