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Birds in Buddhism

“I don’t know anything about consciousness,” a Zen master once declared. “I just try to teach my students how to hear the birds sing.”

At the time Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, the founder of San Francisco Zen Center, was responding to a query from a clinical psychologist (1). 1,500 more words


chick in umbrella tree

Eastern Koel chick ensconced in an umbrella tree.



I don’t need to rule the universe. I have my own small kingdom (my home) to rule. That’s enough work for my shoulders to bear. 287 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Spring Building Boom

Spring creeps slowly up our valley and in the last  week we have had 70 mm of rainfall, which is not at all unusual, but yesterday the sun came out. 400 more words


Resident cuckoos and their host parents: A pictorial guide

The cuckoos are well known examples of brood parasites, birds that lay their eggs in the nest of of another bird species and relying on their host to raise the young. 902 more words

Singapore Avifauna

Biological fight: the case of artificial stimuli in behavior research

by Piter Kehoma Boll

The study of animal behavior is an important approach to understand several aspects on the ecology and the evolution of living beings, both from the analyzed animals themselves and the species with which they interact. 1,266 more words