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Tomatoes and cucumbers in my garden

Good morning, happy Sunday!

I just did a walk around to check on my potted plants, one of my daily rituals, and while it may sound silly to some…I always let them know how beautiful they are when they flower, and how big they have grown when they are non flowering!   466 more words


In Season: Cucumbers and Peppers

Soon we will be fortunate enough to have cucumbers and peppers growing in local gardens. In anticipation of garden fresh cucumbers, here is an inspiration recipe. 94 more words


Last minute Thursday - Potstickers and salad - 4/20/17

I had to rustle this up out of the refrigerator and the freezer after we returned home around 8PM. Tonight was our grandson’s first band concert. 49 more words


Leftover Wednesday - Lamb Tacos - 4/19/17

So extra pictures did not do the trick as far as blog traffic was concerned. Nonetheless I have two pictures today.

So I have leftover lamb, onions, and taco seasonings for the tacos along with feta cheese, mint, lettuce, and scallions. 60 more words


Herb sowings at Easter

Sowed basil: mixed Mediterranean and sweet.

Sowed broccoli: autumn calabrese.

Sowed cucumber: Marketmore.


4/14/2017 (Week 8)

Updates: Its starting to get hot outside and the cucumbers are in direct sunlight and looked heat exhausted so I put up a tarp to give them shade. 219 more words