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Get your leafy greens in!

I really enjoyed this article by Summer Tomato, about how ubiquitous and frustrating articles are that go like this: X number of Blanks can get you This health/ beauty Benefit  Now! 53 more words


Vegetable Salad Base... SO versatile!

We live a relatively busy life. It is a life of awesomeness, I’m not complaining here! Right now my life revolves around helping us achieve our short-term goals. 274 more words


zesty twisted turkey pasta salad

When I was in grammar school my best friend, Monica ate the same lunch every day…a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a small carton of milk and a Twinkie for dessert. 359 more words



According to my directions, it was time to transplant my seedlings. I bought my city pickers at my local home depot, you can also get them online. 234 more words

My Little Indoor Garden- Cucumber Flowers

The cucumber plants I am growing indoors have flowers. Pretty excited about this. Wanted to share.

Happiness Project

Winter meets Spring!

I love that spring is here and the snow has quickly melted!! But my refrigerator still has remnants of cold day ingredients along with all my spring ideas. 629 more words


We Have Sprouts!

I was shocked at how quickly some of my seeds began to sprout. Day 5 we already had sprouting! We are now on Day 8 and we have sprouting from the peas, cucumbers, basil, and beets. 220 more words