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Nvidia's New $1200 GPU Is Just Silly

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Didn’t Nvidia just release the GTX 1080? Not sure why they felt the need to go topping it already, but hey, they just did. 75 more words


Malware Reverse Engineering - Part II

While most tools for MRE are staightforward, some of them require time, patience, and skills to show the full power. For static analysis, this means IDA; for dynamic analysis, it is OllyDbg (and WinDbg for Windows kernel debugging). 2,378 more words


Čudesa slave Boga

RAZINA 3, LEKCIJA 3, Napisoa: Andrew Wommack

U prethodnoj smo lekciji razgovarali o hodanju u moći Božjoj i služenju drugima kroz darove koje nam On daje. 2,286 more words


Compiling CUDA in command line

For getting acquainted to more unix based CUDA development, the following command line and related environment are found to works in the current Visual Studio based platform. 71 more words


Speeding up calculations in .NET with CUDA

For those who have been living under a rock the last 10 years or so, utilizing the phenomenal parallelism of the graphics processor for some serious number crunching is a big thing these days. 2,083 more words


[Linux] NVidia driver / CUDA 筆電安裝



終於成功把NVidia driver & CUDA toolkit裝好了
目標是讓Intel HD 4000負責X Server,顯卡只用在特殊運算
分享我的方法給大家 224 more words


How to make CUDA and nvidia-smi use same GPU ID

One of the irritating problems I encounter while working with CUDA programs is the GPU ID. This is the identifier used to associate an integer with a GPU on the system. 149 more words