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Installing Theano and integrating it with GPU on Ubuntu.

If you have a working experience on theano, you probably wouldn’t have forgot that such a pain in the ass task it was. So I felt it really worth to blog about it for people aspiring to get in Deep Learning. 229 more words

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How to install CUDA 7.5 on Ubuntu

Easy solution

The easiest method is to visit the CUDA Downloads webpage and download the deb (network) file that matches your Ubuntu. Installing from it is as easy as: 420 more words

Profiling CUDA on Tegra K1 (Shield Tablet)

Recently I struggled a lot to profile a CUDA application on the Shield Tablet. If you were thinking “What the hell would you need a CUDA app for, on a tablet?” I would understand :D. 1,204 more words


CUDA 7.5 - No more 32-bit Linux

Heads up – as of CUDA 7.5, NVIDIA has decided to deprecate 32-bit Linux support.

Developing and Running 32-bit CUDA and OpenCL Applications on x86 Linux Platforms…

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Non-linear Thinking with CUDA.

I love GPU programming for precisely this: it forces and enables you to think about a solution in a non-linear fashion in more than one sense of the word. 934 more words


Matrix Multiplication with cuBLAS Example

This post provides some overview and explanation of NVIDIA’s provided sample project ‘matrixMulCUBLAS’ for super-fast matrix multiplication with cuBLAS. The example can be a little confusing, and I think it warrants some explanation. 925 more words