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CUDA, Theano, and Antivirus

Most ubiquitous antivirus products monitor new process from executables in real time and will attempt to terminate their execution if deemed a potential threat. Some of these antivirus products simply do a signature match while some do more sophisticated heuristic or intelligent scanning. 421 more words


How to do GPU deep learning using Theano with a laptop on Ubuntu 16.04?


When I first wanted to follow the great course Fast AI (which teaches you how to begin with Deep Learning), they offered a simple way to use an Amazon GPU, for $0.99/hour. 1,264 more words


How to install NVIDIA CUDA 8.0, cuDNN 5.1, Tensorflow, and Keras on Ubuntu 16.04

Please follow the instructions below and you will be rewarded with Keras with Tenserflow backend and, most importantly, GPU support.

Step 1. Linux

Update apt repositories and install the linux -image-extra-virtual package. 489 more words



NVIDIA’s CUDA programming language is a wonderful way of exploiting their graphics cards (Graphics Processing Units) for general purpose computing (GPGPU).  Effectively CUDA offers access to the cards via a relatively simple syntax extension to C (one of my favourite languages). 228 more words

Une nouvelle manière d'utiliser du code CUDA sur d'autres architectures : le projet Coriander

NVIDIA CUDA est et reste la technologie de choix pour l’utilisation de processeurs graphiques pour des calculs. Pour ainsi dire, toutes les bibliothèques d’apprentissage profond utilisent CUDA pour accélérer leurs calculs (pour la plupart, exclusivement) : TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, Theano, etc. 442 more words

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How to install CUDA for NVIDIA GTX 1050 (Notebook)

Installing NVIDIA graphics drivers on Linux has never been easy for me! I bought a notebook with NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU recently and installed Kubuntu 16.04. 279 more words