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Martin (1977)

Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Dawn of the Dead (1978) are two of the most well known films directed by George A. Romero. He cemented his place in horror film history as the creator of the zombie genre. 124 more words

We Owe A Debt Of Gratitude To Early Luxury Automotive Products

You may well have noticed gorgeous, massive cars in classic movies. What happened to these car makers? Were they innovators or just producers of boats or other monstrosities of little innovative value? 597 more words


雖然建基於 Map-Reduce (https://hadoop.apache.org/) 的分散式平行運算技術已經非常成熟, 而且受到廣泛應用, 但隨科技發展, 由流動裝置所產生網絡數據會繼續以幾何級數增長, 所以就慢慢發展出兩個層級的平行運算技術 – 以Map-Reduce作為主幹, 再配合 CUDA GPU平行運算技術 (http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_home_new.html) 來再進一步提升運算速度. CUDA 技術的好處是硬件(nVidia Display Card)相對於一部 hadoop cluster server 來得平, 但其運算能力卻遠超 cluster server上的x86/x64 CPU, 而且對於一些需要超低延遲(ultra low latency)同時又要大量運算的工, 例如 high frequency algo trading, CUDA 可以免卻 hadoop cluster node 之間的通訊延遲. 250 more words


1971 Red Plymouth Rotisserie 'Cuda Convertible Pro Touring HEMI

Whoever says you can’t own a nice, 6-figure MoPar without a framed broadcast sheet and a call to Galen Govier obviously hasn’t been to our 78,000 square foot showroom.

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Fun with Alea.CUDA, F# Interactive, Charts

Source code for this post can be found on my GitHub.

It’s great to see technologies evolving over the years. Alea.CUDA has done so in leaps and bounds since the first time I laid eyes on it a couple of years ago. 1,404 more words


Debugging CUDA - Tips and Tricks

CUDA is fast but painful to debug. It’s similar to working with openGL, which gives brilliant results when it works, but you have no idea what’s going on when it doesn’t. 956 more words