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CUDA is Like Owning a Supercomputer

The word supercomputer gets thrown around quite a bit. The original Cray-1, for example, operated at about 150 MIPS and had about eight megabytes of memory. 2,091 more words


CUDA Programming - Day One

This is my second semester using CUDA for a project. I’m currently running Ubuntu 16.04 on my machine that I’m using to write this blog post. 256 more words


Setting up GPU & Installing CUDA on Google Cloud

This post assumes that you are familiar with using Google Cloud and that you already have created a VM. Now many times you can be well off using the multi-core CPU setup on GCloud. 589 more words


Hello, CUDA++

CUDA for C/C++ is NVIDIA’s parallel programming platform for its GPU processors. Although ++ is in the name, many CUDA examples that you find are mainly C-style code, especially when talking about the kernels. 538 more words


CUDA in R on macOS X

The R package gputools has been consumed in the CRANpocalypse, but version 1.1 and earlier can still be downloaded as a source package from the archive. 335 more words


Parallel Stream Compaction: [2] The three steps of stream compaction

This is number 2 of some blog posts on Parallel Stream Compaction. In part 1 we saw a small number of fast implementations compared. The implementation by Billeter Olsson and Assarsson came up as the fastest. 1,227 more words