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GPU-accelerated Gibbs sampling

Alex Terenin told me during the welcoming reception of MCqMC 2016 that he, along with Shawfeng Dong and David Draper, had arXived a paper… 257 more words


Deep Learning with DSSTNE

Recently I got a couple of EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 to keep my study nicely lit and warm when winter comes to Seattle. My interest in GPUs though is more for Deep Learning, than lighting and heating. 1,672 more words

Machine Learning

Experimenting with convergence time in neural network models

After setting up Keras and Theano and have some basic benchmark on the Nvidia GPU, the next thing to get a taste of neural network through these deep learning models are to compare these with one to solve the same problem (an XOR classification) that run on a modern calculator, the TI Nspire, … 56 more words

TI Nspire CX CAS

Exploring Theano with Keras

Theano needs no introduction in the field of deep learning. It is based on Python and supports CUDA. Keras is a libray that wraps the complexity of Theano to provide a high level abstraction for developing deep learning solutions. 149 more words


Nvidia's New $1200 GPU Is Just Silly

(Source: kotaku.com)

Didn’t Nvidia just release the GTX 1080? Not sure why they felt the need to go topping it already, but hey, they just did. 75 more words


Malware Reverse Engineering - Part II

While most tools for MRE are staightforward, some of them require time, patience, and skills to show the full power. For static analysis, this means IDA; for dynamic analysis, it is OllyDbg (and WinDbg for Windows kernel debugging). 2,378 more words


Čudesa slave Boga

RAZINA 3, LEKCIJA 3, Napisoa: Andrew Wommack

U prethodnoj smo lekciji razgovarali o hodanju u moći Božjoj i služenju drugima kroz darove koje nam On daje. 2,286 more words