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CUDA Programming: thread, block, grid

I found the best explanation on the block in the book “CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming”.

If one deploy kernel like this… 56 more words


Setting up eOS Freya and Anaconda on a hybrid graphics laptop for GPU accelerated deep learning

My goal was to set up my new Lenovo y50 so that the integrated Intel GPU is used for all interactive UI tasks, and the NVIDIA GPU only for computation tasks.   1,749 more words


Anonymous developers who have successfully infected Nvidia GPU cards with malware on both Linux and Windows machines say that the same can be done on… 232 more words


CUDA basics part 2


Recently, I posted a basic introduction to CUDA C for programming GPUs, which showed how to do a vector addition. This illustrated some of the CUDA basic syntax, but it wasn’t a complex- enough example to bring to light some of the trickier issues to do with designing algorithms carefully to minimise data movement. 2,323 more words

Compiling Cuda dynamic parallelism with Qt creator

So recently I have been using dynamic parallelism with my cuda fluid simulation. Qt is my IDE of choice so ideally I needed it to be compiles with that. 549 more words