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Dobry Jezus? Spuszczanie miast w Otchłani.

Jezus powiedział w ewangelii Łukasza:

Biada tobie, Korozain! Biada tobie, Betsaido! Bo gdyby w Tyrze i Sydonie działy się cuda, które u was się dokonały, już dawno by się nawróciły, siedząc w worze i popiele.

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GPGPU Computing : approaching a decade

General purpose computing over GPUs, that were meant only for rendering of images for gaming and other related applications, mainly started when Nvidia launches CUDA… 250 more words


1971 Plymouth 'Cuda 426 HEMI - Revell

A long, long time ago, I build this kit before. I think it was my second kit ever, period, made it my passion project to make it as best as I could. 710 more words


Color the cup - Starbucks

Starbucks Middle East has launched a new competition for artists, you get a blank cup from Starbucks and you draw on it anything you like, their favorite cups will be featured on their Instagram page. 57 more words

Rosane Chawi

Walking the Euler Path: GPU for the Road

Continuation of the previous posts:

  1. Intro
  2. Visualization
GPU Digression

I was going to talk about something else this week but figured I’d take advantage of the free-hand format and digress a bit. 1,416 more words


Visualizing Graphs


Walking the Eule Path: Intro

Generating and Visualizing Graphs

I can hardly overemphasize the importance of visusalizations. Many a bug had been immediately spotted just by looking at a visual of a complex data structure. 1,272 more words


Walking the Euler Path: Intro

Source Code

I’m thinking about a few posts in these series going very fast through the project. The source is on my GitHub, check out the tags since the master branch is still work in progress. 1,118 more words