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Thought-Process Thursday

It’s been a while since we’ve touched upon the actual theme of this blog, that being the drawing of hot rods and all…

That in mind, I thought that you may enjoy a peek at a current project, which is nearing completion after a few years on the board and in the shop. 39 more words


Install Nvidia CUDA-7.5 environment in CentOS 6

This note is derived from How to install Nvidia CUDA environment in RHEL 6? It works for me.

Step 1: Install kernel

# yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers -y… 191 more words

Getting Started With CUDA Programming

Graphics Processing Units or GPUs were traditionally used for the purpose of rendering graphics on screen. They were optimized for throughput and could render millions of pixels simultaneously, by performing the same computations on millions of individual data elements in parallel. 534 more words

Guides And Tips

Material System

Just added more material types into the current implementation, here are some results:

Rough xyzrgb dragon

Plastic xyzrgb dragon

Silver xyzrgb dragon

Gold xyzrgb dragon … 19 more words


New tracing routine

After implementing a path tracing routine in OpenGL 4.3+ compute shader, I decided to do a counterpart implementation in cuda, just to see the capability of it and the flexibility for developers. 71 more words


A simple CUDA program

This is my first CUDA program. It just adds two vector arrays. Vector addition is a simple program to begin with to start learning GPU programming using CUDA. 548 more words


동시성 프로그램의 이해
– 행렬곱을 메모리 접근을 고려하지 않고 만들면 메모리 접근이 과다하게 발생한다. 이를 해결하기 위해서는 blocking을 사용. Blocking을 사용하면 데이터 접근의 locality를 높일 수 있음. 101 more words

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