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I miss you

I miss you, I miss staring at you, I miss catching you stare at me, I miss your kisses, I miss the butterflies I get in my stomach when I’m around you, I miss getting nervous around you, I miss hugging you, I miss wrapping my arms around you, I rubbing on your beard, I miss you teasing me, I miss you giving me a hard time, I miss you making me blush, I miss your compliments, so much more I could say but just know I miss you

Dear Diary

How Touch Improves Your Health

Touch can be healthy in a lot of ways. We know that babies that don’t get touch can die, and children in low touch environment can develop cognitive and physical deficits that follow them the rest of their lives. 585 more words

Science Of Touch

Intimacy in a D/s relationship

Spending some time listening (and watching!) @LovingBDSM yesterday at work.  (Headphones are a beautiful thing).  These two wonderful people never disappoint!  They always seem to hit on my feelings and manage to make me feel less crazy.  809 more words


It Was Just A Dream

I woke in a pool of my own sweat.  It took seconds to clear the fog in my head and make sense of what happened during my sleep.  320 more words


Cuddling and Kissing is Good for Your Baby

Isn’t this a wonderful news? I know it’s nothing but natural for us, moms, to cuddle and kiss our children every now and then. I, for one, smother my daughter with hugs and kisses. 596 more words