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Items to buy in April - Cuddly Toys

My favourite pictures and stories from Operation Christmas Child are those with children receiving cuddly toys.

“When I lifted the lid on my purple plastic shoebox, the first thing I saw was a stuffed dog. 773 more words


Comfy and Cuddly

Do you know what I need? Some more publicly acceptable sweatpants. Jeans are never very comfortable, but pajama pants aren’t really proper to wear out in public. 256 more words

Walking, money and Itsu

Walking to work through the snow. Smiling and being happy after a cuddly night. And happy to be walking to work again.

I’ve been paid! Finally finally finally. 12 more words

Love My Cuddly Kitty!

All this talk of kitties being aloof and anti-social… Not mine!

When I come home, he comes to greet me. And if he wants to be picked up, he’ll sit there and stare at me imploringly. 135 more words