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National "Encounter" of Traditional Cartonería (paper mache)

Over the centuries, the various branches of Mexican handcrafts have seen their ups and downs. Some have disappeared and some struggle to make a comeback. 434 more words

Un mes entero (toma 2)

There was a time when I didn’t really wanted to come to Mexico. My life in Chile was better than I could have ever imagined and my flight home in late December was spent thinking “well, Mexico is never going to live up to that”. 1,108 more words

Year Abroad

Cuauhtémoc Blanco la Riega y Agradece a BENITO JUAREZ....Sabeeee

Si no la Riega, La Embara y es que, El presidente municipal de Cuernavaca que viene siendo, nada mas y nada menos que…Cuauhtémoc Blanco, se le fueron las cabras durante su visita a la primaria Benito Juárez. 75 more words


Que pasa?

OK, you say. Blue posted that photo from the airport and we haven’t heard a word since.

Que’ pasa?

Truth be known, it takes me a few weeks to adjust to the altitude and the physical exertion of living in a mountain community. 94 more words


The city of eternal spring

Never have 48 hours felt more like a week. I’m so proud of us. We don’t have many more days off this year, so we decided to squeeze every last drop of juice out of our weekend and hit up yet another wedding (this time, a beloved childhood friend of Ben’s). 732 more words


En kameleont på Harvard

Samarbetsprojektet Bollstabruk – Cuernavaca går vidare. Nu har vi nått Harvard. Inte illa med tanke på att vi startade med semester och vad som kanske pejorativt skulle kallas “pyssel”. 135 more words


Mexico travel report

As I buy my tickets and regalia in preparation to graduate, and honours next year looms ever closer like a huge iron door at the end of a tunnel, I look for side doors on my way out, for futile means of escape. 3,629 more words