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Weekend 7.2: Cuernavaca Art & Artesanía

Museum of Contemporary Indigenous Art

Museum of Modern Indigenous Art


On appreciating too-brief connections

Travel demands a certain presence. Basic communication alone requires constant focus- especially speaking and listening, lest I get caught asking for an ensalada con polla (salad with a side of penis) instead of an ensalada sin polla (salad without penis). 445 more words


Cuauhtémoc Blanco Recibió Suma Millonaria Para Presentarse Como Candidato A La Alcaldia De Cuernavaca

Eso es una falta muy clara.

Según reporta La Opinión, Cuauhtémoc Blanco podría recibir una tarjeta roja después de que se revelo que la firma que aparece en un contrato entre el ex futbolista y el Partido Social Demócrata si es legítima. 62 more words


Rethinking Mexico: Cuernavaca, Morelos

When I traveled to Mexico this summer, I went with a mission. I went to visit family and friends but I also went to make a point to the people I left in the States. 458 more words


Bienvenidos a Mi Vida

“But, what are you doing down there?” I’ve been asked a couple times. Sometimes directly, often indirectly. And by indirectly, I mean with the subtle American judgement and air of superiority reserved for someone who isn’t participating in the system. 842 more words

Exploring more of MEXICO : Cuernavaca Baby!!!

Dear all,

This post is a bit overdue I have to admit, but I just have been a bit out of it for a while…I really miss Mexico and to be honest writing these posts make me even sadder but I was going through some pictures yesterday, arranging my albums etc (so many pictures) and I remembered so many fun times in Cuernavaca! 380 more words


The City of the Eternal Spring

I hate not having a mental notepad that writes down everything I deem worthy at the very moment I think of it. If I had such a device it would have been easier to keep on writing about…well, everything. 494 more words

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