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South India Via NYC

Before moving to India in 2010, my search for the perfect Indian restaurant, in North America and Europe and anywhere else Indian expats were numerous, was a constant. 670 more words


Save The Truffle, A Campaign We Are Destined To Support

This is a series of videos realized to launch “Save The Truffle” a new brand aiming to promote traditions and the conservation of the White Truffle of Alba.

792 more words

Tasting The Place

Where I am located, since last week and until next, there is an abundance of flavors; both in terms of intensity and in terms of diversity.  153 more words


If You Happen to Be In Gainsville

We’ve been posting on the environmental impact of the invasive lionfish ever since contributor Phil Karp took on the project of building a demand for the notoriously difficult to catch fish.  312 more words


Mango Dreaming

Crist’s visit to small farms as part of our work on a new project serves as a reminder of the amazing diversity and abundance of fruits and vegetables growing in many fertile parts of this country. 894 more words


Agricultural Exploration, Flavor Surprise

Where is Asha, or at least her book? I could utilize her culinary inputs related to southern Indian vegetables and flavors right about now. 559 more words


Tale Of Two Souths

I had the distinct pleasure of dining with a friend at Asha’s restaurant in Atlanta, and of having a discussion with Asha after dinner about our inverted common experience of operating restaurants in these two souths referenced in the title of her new cookbook (she has family in Kerala and I have family in Atlanta, and we both live in one another’s country of birth). 223 more words