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Food & drink discoveries: kissel and shchi

Believe it or not, after two and a half years in Russia, I tried two new traditional foods last weekend!


Kissel is a drink made of fruit, usually berries. 117 more words


Sourdough, The Book

What a great book, seriously.

When Cory Doctorow says it so simply, we take him at his word. Trendy, pretty shiny things can invoke laughter as well as wonder.

538 more words

Bread Is Gold

The publisher’s blurb starts with an annoying claim, as if there is one chef better than all others in the world, that illustrates why foodie-ism is less and less linked to on this platform. 679 more words


Immigrant Mobile Food Vendor Heritage

Thanks to Mandalit del Barco and the National Public Radio (USA) folks at the salt for this book review that has special resonance to those of us with immigrant street vendor heritage: 417 more words


Steak Tartare/Beef Tartare - A fancy way of eating raw beef but not look like a cannibal

The first time I have ever heard of steak tartare (or seen) was when I watched Mr.Bean thousands of years ago. His steak tartare was served on a very nice plate with a raw egg on top. 523 more words


Meals as Message

Although not quite an example of “Model Mad“, this culinary entrepreneurial activism sends a message to both consumers and food industry colleagues alike. 420 more words


A Puddle Of Bizbaz

Although our most consistent feature suggests obsession (yesterday completing the 72nd month and 2,217 dailies in a row of bird photos, we know how it looks), we are anything but obsessed. 393 more words