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summer afternoons -- feels like vacation 

Iced minty mocha @ Caffe Reggio, then a ride home on the NYU trolley! 😊



Beet Chutney

Like a restaurant where you only order “that one” dish from, ingredients can get stuck in a single preparation. Pumpkins become pumpkin pies, carrots are shamed into being the side-star of a pot roast, or kale. 313 more words



Thotpops or Thotsicles are a creative endeavor I took on during last summer in an effort to combine booze and frozen deliciousness. Now that the warm weather is returning here in New York, and on the eve of Cinco de Mayo, I’m reminiscing for one of these babies. 194 more words


03/17/2015: Jerk chicken and old souls

Jamaican jerk chicken is well deserving of all the hype.

I’ve discovered that my favorite jerk chicken is served on the side of the street in Yallahs, Jamaica, chopped with ketchup and a side of festival bread. 224 more words


Chicken Dopiaza

Chicken Dopiaza is a popular Anglo-Indian dish which finds its origins in the early-settlement of the British in India. Dopiaza means ‘two onions’ / ‘double onion’, made (unsurprisingly) with double the number of onions compared with typical meat curries. 420 more words


Food From a Long Time Ago

The two suns set again over Tatooine. Luke needs to leave early tomorrow to search for a missing astromech droid, R2D2. He regrets not putting that restraining bolt on R2. 576 more words


Un plat de pñtes
 sinon rien!

Quelle joie de découvrir cette recette. Les pùtes sont définitivement remises au goût du jour !

C’est avec plaisir que j’ai testĂ© ce plat facile et super rapide, qui plus est! 147 more words