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A Grill Company ** Live Grill and Molecular Thrill Session

A Grill Company is not just a casual dining restaurant which offers grilled cuisine unlike others. This place will take you to a different journey of molecular gastronomy.  119 more words

A Chef’s Look at Bermuda: Restaurants, Markets & More

Where do chefs dine in Bermuda? We caught up with Director of Culinary Enrichment & Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly and Chef Instructor Annie Copps to discover the best spots on the island for food lovers and culinary connoisseurs. 683 more words

The Culinary Center

LOVE: Seeds Restaurant & Lounge, Yangon

Seeds is so good I’m anxious to share in-case too many people find out about it! Seeds is ‘the’ place in Yangon you tuck away in your back-pocket just for your clients and your clients alone. 585 more words



Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

This is my first post of my new culinary adventure. One of my favourite things about traveling is getting to try local and regional cuisines. 186 more words


Salade de pissenlits au lard

  Pissenlit (Taraxacum officinale) Dent-de-Lion

  Ταράξακος ο φαρμακευτικός (Taraxacum officinale)

  Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Κοινός δανδελίων
  Photos de Matou (mon papa) en France.
Salade de pissenlits au lard… 174 more words

Nostalgic Dishes - Bringing a Bit Of Home To Leeds, UK.

I moved back down to Leeds just over 7 months ago and I think the one thing i miss the most is my mother’s cooking. 317 more words


Birthday Dinner at Bouchon

Looking for a little taste of France in Napa Valley?

For my 23rd birthday, we wanted to do something special. With so many excellent restaurants to pick from in Napa Valley, we decided on a piece of Paris, Bouchon. 178 more words