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Cucumbers are another of my all-time favorite veggies of the summer.  Over the past couple years I’ve had some issues growing these beauties but most of the issue was due to lack of soil enrichment and hard soil conditions.  582 more words

The Dirt

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Summer arrived here in southeastern Michigan with a bang . Two weeks of hot, hot weather sent our vegetable garden into overdrive. The abundance of cucumbers led me to seek recipes to use these green beauties in new ways. 670 more words

Miscellaneous Recipes


Juice for Amazing Skin

half a skinned and cored pineapple

one english cuke (unpeeled) or 1-2 regular cukes, peeled

one beet, peeled (skin can be bitter–but if I’m in a hurry, skin stays on… 46 more words

Spring Has Sprung! (Is that a real word)

So with spring in the air and living in North Carolina I have planted my small garden. We live in an area that the HOA’s don’t allow gardens so I have to sorta hide mine. 507 more words

Family, Fun & Food!

Week 5, 2012

This week we will try to give you some choices for greens and give the few of you who feel overwhelmed a chance to catch up ;~) Many of you saw fennel last week (I was surprised too) and some may see it this week too. 206 more words


Cucumbers started late in 2012

An experiment that ended up happening this year was to start cucumbers from seed outdoors in late May instead of early May. When I read what I just wrote it just sounds like no big deal…a couple weeks difference…”so what?”, right? 52 more words

Vegetable Gardening

Behaviour Driven Development using Cucumber

Behavior Driven Development(BDD) is an acceptance testing methodology coined by Dan North.This can be used for writing acceptance test cases at business/product owner. These acceptance cases are then mapped to unit test which test whether the module adheres to the requirements.I was given a task to explore how to incorporate BDD for our agile project,so I am just trying to put forward the basic setup and usage of BDD using JUnit and cucumber-jvm(successor to Cuke4Duke) also know as Cuke… 497 more words

Acceptance Test