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Cul de Sac, Rome, Italy

Looking for a nice little spot for a refreshing glass of wine in Rome, away from the touristy crowd? Follow me!

There is that little spot I know, right off Piazza Navona. 128 more words


I Got It at the Library: CUL-DE-SAC

I’m not saying it’s dated. I just got the feeling  director Roman Polanski read Beckett (I’m thinking here of Waiting for Godot) and watched a lot of Harold Pinter theatre pieces while co-writing the screenplay with Gerard Brach. 375 more words

Rix Flix

Introduction and why the H-e-double hockey sticks am I doing this.....

My name is mommy, mom, momma, sometimes mother if we are being proper, but I am a housewife who is the stereotypical American housewife in almost every way! 331 more words


10x Faster Today but 10x Harder to Maintain Tomorrow: the Cul-De-Sac problem

I’ve been digging into what it means to be a site reliability engineer (SRE) and thinking about my experience trying to automate infrastructure in a way to scales dramatically better.   479 more words


Cul de Sac Childhood WIP

the three of us uncovered a classroom skeleton in playground sand
just the left arm, no shoulder
i wanted the rest of it

later that day i took a knife to my throat… 54 more words



For the past couple of weeks, I have experienced lots of stress and frustration. The reason is: I feel stuck and, this is no new feeling. 518 more words


Cul de Sac: Blu ray review


It’s difficult to remain objective in assessing the films of Roman Polanski, whose accomplishments in cinema have been rightly overshadowed by the fact that he drugged and raped a child in 1977 before fleeing to Europe, continuing to work in exile. 69 more words