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Brookside Filming Location


Brookside, West Derby, Liverpool, UK (Brookside Close)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 53.439595, -2.881763




Series From: (1982 – 2003)

Run Time: 30m



I fill my poems

With the rhythm of the river

The music of the Eternal Giver

I can stand long and long

Watching a thrush coax a blackbird… 8 more words


Wisdom For the Sweet Tooth

Mars – Global Brands (Family of Brands)
Cherry, Mango and Pineapple flavors have been limited versions of bounty.

It is some people’s opinion that one should not repeat ones mistake more than twice, if they do, it is a decision not a mistake ! 243 more words


Trick or Feet

Very nice work by T. Those are Alice and Petey masks from the late, great Richard Thompson’s comic, “Cul de Sac.” One of the best strips EVER! 7 more words

Comic Commentary

Oh ! How Long Is This Night !

Oh! How Long Is This Night!
Like a million murky serpents, tangled end-to-end
Slither thru my soul, spearing fangs of spite
Hope’s found in dark, an unlooked-for friend… 132 more words


Why We Don't Believe in Baby Food

Grocery stores are full of jars of baby food, and the media has marketed mashed carrots and peas at parents for over a century.

Our baby doesn’t touch the stuff. 228 more words


Life leads us to culs-de-sac many a times. There we stand and stare, regretting and repenting, every move and turn we took. Little do we know that these dead ends are the final full-stops of the current chapter. 133 more words

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