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Cul de sac

We went into our eating ( by way of a cul de sac where we reach the bottom end with the fingers scraping the darkness there), in chilly and garlic ,with a touch of millet and sweet solid cane sugar . 93 more words

Walking Sleeping Dreaming Thoughts

Dear Jack: Novelty Fireworks in the Cul-de-Sac for July 4th

5 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

My philosophy on fireworks for the 4th of July is this: Enjoy the entertainment in which our neighbors provide as they go all-out on fireworks; meanwhile, we’ll spend $13 on novelty items to get the show started. 265 more words


The devil, me and I and you

I couldn’t sleep for thoughts of you
Morning, feelings, cold and dew 
Everything was just so fine
Clueless, lost that was my crime

Nothing in my dark lit up
Thoughts of you kept coming but
the loneliness kept holding tight
This opponent was my lifelong fight

Seldom happiness would have a say
All the vivid colors turned to gray
Forsaken in my ice age day by day

A cul-de-sac, a dead end stop
I would rant and rave until I dropped
Nothing changed, it wasn’t meant to be
Even my dreams and wishes couldn’t set me free

Some force was negating, maliciously intent
a life of accomplishment and content
I bargained till my beard turned white
the other one just laughed at this my plight

You could have cashed your soul for fun
and lived a life of sin and some
he even mentioned that my soul was worth a bit
he’d talk to Karma even Hades could be skipped

Then he left for he had other things to do
I should call him if I'd feel I’m through
In between he came around
telling me I wasn’t sound

I should think about a deal
Rap it up and put a seal
What’s the point when nothing works
and your days are filled with hurt

Life’s too short to live in pain
All agree that is a shame
and there’s no one here to blame

But who was he who tempted so 
What energy did make him grow 
I made him up that much I know
therefore why can’t I let him go 

Worry, fear, and disillusionment
helped in his establishment
Sunshine, love, and laughter
will destroy his term as master

To beat him at his game 
and bring happiness again
my entire life I searched for you
questioning exhausted if you could be true
often clueless, lost, I lived through years of rue
and spent much time talking to the stars with tears
hoping that someone might open up their ears

My angels came a running, just before it was too late
They called the wind to blow a storm and change my fate
You greeted me and we knew before a word was spoken
that we had scars from many places we were broken

Even now I do recall the times alone
when my thoughts run away from home
and I dig in places dark and drown
forgetting all the joy you've brought
and everything I ever sought

There was no crime
and no disorder
Clueless, lost, I crossed the border
Deep I sank into some feelings
fleeing from my heart and being
till you came along
and stroked me with your song
Finally, my life is mine to shine
There never was a crime.


Placing Blame

By Dom Nozzi

March 30, 2004

An important point I make in my speeches is that most of the ruinous transportation decisions we arrive at (regularly) are decisions that we are compelled to make by our unfortunate circumstances. 330 more words


It’s the (Dead) End of the World as We Know It

We have a way of constantly falling
in love, out of love, off of cliffs, into

the great abyss. We crave the great
ebony nothing like a drug, shrug our… 92 more words

Text for SPOON: Issue #4

Cul de sac

British suburbia – with all its housing estates, filled with cul-de-sac streets and obscurely named lanes.There is an irony there, when you choose to see it, for cul-de-sac – a term used for “dead ends”, or “no exit” – literal meaning: “ass of a bag”, describes so neatly a British suburban town. 266 more words



For minutes to hours,
even to days unending,
the blank stretches
like a lonely road
that leads to nowhere.

Thoughts good and bad
struggle for space… 14 more words