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Childhood memories

Is there such as gourmet shaved ice ? I’m not sure but this came pretty close to being “gourmet”. Shaved ice topped with piña colada syrup and condensed milk.

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School's Out, What Do I Cook Now?

Saturday marked my two week graduation ceremony. It’s hard to believe that this part of my culinary journey is over. I am happy to be finished with school but it’s a little sad to see the people I worked along side with every day (some for better, some for worse) move on and out of my life… It’s also been hard to transition from a student to, well not a student.   597 more words


Makanan Yang Bikin Kangen Ke Gunung

Cuma disaat-saat traveling saya bisa bebas makan apa aja, tanpa memikirkan berapa kalori yang tertera di label makanan :) .. Bahkan Indomie yang saya jarang makan (hanya semangkok mie instan itu 360 kalori, kan harus dibales lari 1 jam!). 504 more words


Anpan. Why you should try Japanese sweet bread.

Anpan – A Japanese sweet roll filled with a sweet, earthy paste made from the Azuki legume (It can also be filled with a white bean, green been, sesame or chestnut mixture).  1,570 more words


It’s the Weekend | No. 2

I can’t believe how fast the week flies. Weekdays are good, but the weekend is great! Time to celebrate, either with a party or with a glass of red wine and an episode of something you love. 88 more words


Recipe: Chocolate Swirl Meringues

Tomorrow is Friday, why not surprise your significant other with some delichious Chocolate Swirl Meringues? They look so divine, taste sweet and they are easy to bring to a party or a romantic picnic in the park. 172 more words