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Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake/ Soufflé Cake

Japanese cotton cheese cake is very soft and light  like cotton. Its so spongy and something to look for. It has a kind of tangy flavour with a texture of a soufflé. 349 more words

Simple & Easy Chocolate Pizza

Kids parties, school markets, or for a brunch…. try this beautiful pizza as a change. This comes so nice and beautiful. You can decorate this with anything chocolaty. 296 more words

French Sesame Bread Rolls

French breads always nice and crusty. Making French Bread is really simple and easy. All you need is patience.  Adding sesame, specially the black sesame gives this bread a very good look as well as a nice flavour. 276 more words

Home Made Soft Milk Buns (Simple Baking)

Making bread is an art. Once you know how to make bread you can create anything. I do bake bread for my family at least once a week. 356 more words

Rich & Moist Date Cake

I have done so many ways of doing date cakes. This is one of them. This can be used as a cake it self or even as a dessert.   225 more words

Self Raising Flour and Cake Flour from scratch (Make your own)

When I do a recipe I always call for the self raising flour for cakes and cookies. So I know in some countries  you are unable to find the self raising flour. 197 more words