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Stay at Home, Chef

There is Chef Coles in the restaurant and Chef Coles at home. He is an expert at both locations; but, if I had to choose one of them, my favorite is the chef at home. 722 more words

Chef Coles

This is How Love Tastes

The word “slicey” appeared in my vocabulary the first time my Aunt Connie made focaccia bread. She handed me a small piece to try, in which I responded to the taste test by grabbing the knife and saying, “Mmmm, SLICEY!” My Aunt and I sure know how to giggle, and this pushed us to the verge of piddling our pants. 431 more words

Chef Coles

A Whole Month!

This past month has flown by! I can’t believe it’s been 4 whole weeks of being Vegan. In some ways it’s been easier than I thought, and in others harder. 531 more words

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So it’s been almost a week! Go me :-D Seriously it has been a bit of a struggle. Last night at a party there were 6 or 7 gourmet cheeses and raw blackened salmon and prosciutto… … 406 more words

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Cheese and Coffee

So I have officially started attempting to eat a vegan diet as of yesterday. I did really well all day, and then dinner hit :-( I didn’t eat any meat, but I was lazy and just plopped some pre-made alfredo sauce on my pasta. 366 more words

Culinary Corner

A New Adventure

So now that it’s been waaayy too long since I’ve written anything… Let me catch you up! The hubby and I have moved (again). Back in June we moved to another apartment, same town, just bigger. 477 more words

Missions Vs. Myself

The Culinary Corner: Quotes and Tidbits About Cooking Genius Julia Child

Julia Child is one of my culinary idols. She found pleasure in food, she believed in real ingredients and loving what you cooked. She worked hard and was a sincere, down-to-earth person. 354 more words