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I Cook, I Travel, I Pray

This past month has been everything but calm and boring. It has been exciting, busy, crazy, significantly sleep deprivaed and really all around wonderful.
After I left Florida I headed up North to Chicago for a few days, and in meantime went along with my friends to the Indiana dunes, it was postivly exhausting, but saw all the lovely faces that I dearly missed, and many I had not seen in an entire year, some even longer. 282 more words

Culinary Student

5 Ingredient Cheesecake

Cheesecake is always demanded when at a food party with friends and family, but every time I explain to people how easy it is to make, I often times receive a double take! 239 more words

Culinary Student

Swiss Chard Cakes and Accidental Omlettes

The Esalen Cookbook inspired these delicious vegetarian fritters. Esalen Institute is a fantastic place on the West coast that has incredible everything- including a fantastic kitchen. 428 more words

Darla Magee

Day 5: St. Helena and Yountville

To the delight of our taste buds, the last 2 days of our journey included not only some great tasting wines, but some amazing culinary experiences as well.  590 more words

Fancy Some Printed Food?

What connects information and software to cooking? 3D printers. Though still finding a fan base among top chefs, the technology is poised to redefine the fine world of fine dining. 407 more words