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Books, Books and More Books

Thanks for following this series of mine on book storage and inspiring spaces to read.

Now that I’ve finished showing you what we do with all the… 865 more words


Planned Parenthood on the Farm

Plan all you like, homestead life is a daily prioritization of what absolutely needs to be accomplished today. The farm doesn’t care about your plans. She has her own agenda, and takes Hera’s pleasure in tormenting us. 1,570 more words


Over 10,000 rabbits killed in New Zealand’s Great Easter Bunny Hunt

The bunny rabbit may be an adorable symbol of Easter for many around the world, but in areas of New Zealand the rabbit is public enemy number one. 185 more words


Gender Equality Swearing

In our search for gender equality and the equality of language, most people focus on the little issues that make a big impact. Things like pronouns. 332 more words

Kelsey Freeman’s passion for photography didn’t begin until a few years after her son was born.She started Kelsey Freeman Photography two-and-a-half years ago and says her inspiration comes from her son. 768 more words


The badger cull - a genuine national disgrace

Yes, I’m afraid with weary heart we return to the subject of the ongoing badger cull. Having pulled punches in most cases up to now, it’s time to start calling this for what it is: a National disgrace. 605 more words


One Simple Tip To Up Your Sales

As photographers, we have a pretty awesome job. Take pictures & make people happy. Unfortunately, we also have to find ways to sell, and upsell, our work to pay for that equipment, that studio, food, mortgages, and well, just about everything else. 575 more words