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2 million more Minnesota chickens to be destroyed because of flu

From the Blade, May 2015

Chickens stand in their cages at a farm near Stuart, Iowa. South Dakota has its first case of bird flu at an egg-laying chicken farm that holds 1.3 million of the birds. 322 more words


Hare Cut

“Mountain hares are now routinely culled on a large scale on many grouse moors in Scotland. This practice has developed relatively recently in the belief that it protects red grouse against the tick-borne louping ill virus, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support this claim.” ( 12 more words

Beyond Pollution

By Rebecca Penty

Here’s one aspect of Canada’s energy boom that isn’t being thwarted by the oil market crash: the wolf cull.

The expansion of oil-sands mines and drilling pads has brought the caribou pictured on Canada’s 25-cent coin to the brink of extinction in Alberta and British Columbia. 965 more words


Plan to kill beavers faces growing opposition in Fargo

A fight is brewing in Fargo as animal rights campaigners try to stop a planned beaver cull in city parks.

The Fargo Forum refers to a “growing chorus” of people who want Fargo’s Park Board to reconsider its plan to trap and kill beavers that have been destroying mature trees in Lemke and Trefoil parks. 252 more words



“Zimbabwe has recently reaffirmed its pledge to export more young elephants to foreign buyers, and added that ‘culling’– mass slaughter — is another option under consideration.” ( 50 more words

Risk Management

Bird-flu gone afoul;
Local poultry quarantined—
Glad I’m a vegan.


N.B. While I am grateful to be vegan, I am greatly saddened by the lives of these animals raised for food, and this crisis which has already necessitated the death of thousands.

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