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Battle of the Badgers: Government vs Scientists

In the UK last year 20,000 badgers were shot. But, why? To control the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

What is tuberculosis and why is it a problem? 632 more words



Wooden chairs hanging

In the shed outside the door

Waiting to be tossed


bit of a cull ...

Had a bit of a cull of all the ‘advertising blogs’ yesterday and my Feed is showing up with blogs I haven’t been able to access or haven’t seen in ages!!! 36 more words


The Yareel Deal - XII : The Purge.....

Well, I finally reached the maximum friends limit on Yareel, so I thought that it was about time for a purge, a cull of numbers, after all there are a lot of people you meet who you talk to once, friend and never see again. 142 more words

The Yareel Deal

Without culling, Victoria's feral horse plan looks set to fail

Feral horses in the eastern Alps.
Griff en/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

Don Driscoll, Deakin University

Victoria’s new draft feral horse management plan, released on the last working day before Christmas, will be open for comment until February 2. 969 more words



You can’t wear it
Like a coat
And not expect some
Holes to form
And stains to stay

Nor mud to cake
As you fall unto… 123 more words