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Government imposed conditionality denies Motability to severely disabled people who most need it

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,134

Wednesday 01 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I really have to wonder just who the hell you think you are? 417 more words

The Cull

The High Priest was ushered into the King’s presence.

“How is the campaign going?”

The Priest bowed respectfully  and answered smoothly.

“Our Priest’s sermons focused on humility, accepting Divine Will, forgiving your enemy and heavenly rewards in the after-life. 197 more words

Fiction - Tales Of Unwise Paths

Nine out, one in - plus a library book

Without wishing to become a bore on the subject, I lugged nine more volumes to donate at the Samaritans Book Cave today (and was pleased to see some of my old volumes nestling in the shelves!) 99 more words


One thing I don’t understand is that whenever an animal becomes too reproductively successful – eg. kangaroos in the bush near Canberra, koalas overpopulating an area, wild horses and deer in national parks – humans will announce a cull of the animal in question. 109 more words

Australia mulls koala cull, Japan’s whaling advocates eat up the irony like delicious whale meat

Japan and most of the rest of the developed world don’t exactly see eye to eye on whaling. Sure, Japan has a couple of mammal-fishing buddies in Norway and Iceland, but most other nations with a comparable scientific and economic footing take a dim view of Japan’s professedly research-based whaling expeditions, especially in light of how you’re much more likely to come across a restaurant in Japan serving whale meat than a significant biological discovery about whales coming from one of the country’s scientists. 821 more words