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Shark Jumps onto Boat, Fisherman Handles it Well

Somewhere on some body of water that was part of the ocean, there was a 73-year-old man fishing. Whilst he was fishing, a shark jumped onto the boat, which is somewhat surprising. 499 more words


'The call for action is now': Veterinarian, rescue group asks government for help after dog mauling

WINNIPEG — The mauling death of a young woman on a remote Manitoba First Nation has veterinarians and local animal rescue groups calling for more action from the federal and provincial governments. 446 more words



So after a bitch of day yesterday, and realising that I need to flip that script and get a handle on my shizz – aka re-define my world, as only I can ;) … it only seemed fitting to do a bit of a cull. 143 more words


Monday Bird of the Week No.41 - Greylag Goose

Today we explore another big bird that frequently finds itself in conflict with humans. This time a native, the Greylag Goose. 513 more words


Monday Bird of the Week No.40 - Canada Goose

The birds we will be covering in the next couple of weeks may well be the most unpopular of all the birds I cover in this series. 271 more words


Clearing Occasions the Fox

The quick brown fox kicks the keyboard,
assesses the noon-tide of rampant roadside clearing,
in the glare, sunglasses-less we stare at one another,
diphthongs pondering the great CAT, 99 more words


Help Stop the Cull of Grey Squirrels

Life is life–whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage. 679 more words

Animal Rights