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My toothbrush survived the cull!

Mother suddenly decides to get rid of all the splayed ones randomly.

We Must Stop the British Columbia Government !!

This insanity has to stop! Please send e-mails to all government officials and let us stop the BC government.



Bat cull in Mauritius: the new feat of my country

Mark Twain said it all: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” It seems to be true, at first glance.

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Are the simplest solutions ever the right ones?

By Tom Mason.

I have recently returned from a conference in the foothills of the Austrian Alps where one presentation in particular resonated with me. 650 more words

The Mauritian Bat Cull... Tackling Some Illegitimate Outcries !

I may not agree to the thought of a massive, blind uncontrolled bat cull in Mauritius, but what I dislike most are the downgrading comments from some down-looking, colonial-thinking tourists who see Mauritius as their legacy and its Fauna and Flora as their property. 1,582 more words

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In Review: CULL – ALOFT (SELF RELEASE, 2015)

Aloft is a textured and enthralling album that provides insight into the mind of a musician who has overcome a long bought of grief. While no longer touching on the topic of grief itself, the album does show how a stretch of self-imposed isolation for coping purposes can affect the mind. 933 more words