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How to help feral pigeons

Pigeons are one of the most intelligent and adaptable birds on our planet. Feral pigeons are derived from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild. 937 more words

Wildlife Rescue

Will The Culling Process Ever End?

So the journey of buying a caravan to live in while I saved my deposit didn’t go as planned but I did always say what was the worst that could happen? 91 more words


Horses under threat from slaughter

The culling of wild horses does not just exist in Australia. All over the world governments pursue the slaughter of their native animals in the pursuit of protecting insignificant facets of the environment. 156 more words

Save The Brumbies


Reindeer Cull in Siberia

The rise of anthrax from the permafrost this summer in Siberia, plus the risk of overgrazing has prompted officials on the Yamal Peninsula of Siberia to plan a mass cull of 250,000 reindeer by years end, according to a Siberian Times report. 78 more words


My World These Days...

I’ve been wading through the junk. That has resulted in a bunch of books being donated at markets, in the book bins, the dump’s swap shop, or wherever I can find a spot which seems appropriate. 427 more words


Animal injustice is coming to Victoria

The NSW Government’s vicious plan to cull brumbies has given rise to a similar plan in Victoria.

However, the Victoria Government claims that their cull needs to be even more vicious! 199 more words

Save The Brumbies

Satanic culling at the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox marked the start of a cycle of decluttering when I eliminate what is unnecessary, dead or toxic to my life.  As a Satanist I set aside four dates in the year to have a good cull of the crap baggage in my life, thus I make way for new opportunities without being held back by junk. 243 more words