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Australia Secretly Culled Almost 700 Koalas, Minister Reveals

Authorities in southern Australia secretly killed hundreds of koalas in an effort to control their population, a state minister revealed on Wednesday.

A total of 686 of the furry marsupials from Cape Otway in the state of Victoria were sedated and euthanized by wildlife officials in 2013 and 2014, Australian news channel ABC reported. 104 more words


I stopped in front of a nondescript booth, my attention drawn by an old clarinet resting in its frayed case.  A long-put-aside memory from grade school flickered bravely in my head. 231 more words

The Dreaded Cull.

As a photographer, I take thousands and thousands of photographs. Photographs of my clients, my family, my friends, and let’s not forget my vacations, I have been known to take over 1500 photos on a 1 week vacation. 112 more words

The 6th Box

“Books – Heavy”

That’s what my husband had written on this box, and he wasn’t wrong. It was indeed full of books. And they were indeed seriously heavy! 557 more words


Weeding: One of the most often misunderstood and difficult of librarian tasks

This is my second year in my current high school library.  I inherited a collection of over 24,000 items.  The shelves looked nice with books filling 75% of each.   1,012 more words

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Boxes

This’ll be a long one, but well worth the read (if you enjoy delving into a stranger’s personal history – which I must assume that you do since you’re already reading this…). 1,394 more words


House Inspection: Less Than 12 Hours to Go

OK. It’s taken a lot of stress, effort and tears, and has been hampered by another bout of depression (thanks to a mix of accidental gluten ingestion and the stress levels I’ve been toiling under), but the house has successfully been downgraded from “festering, stinky hell-hole” to “clearly lived-in by small children and borderline hoarders but not an outright health hazard.” 327 more words