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Special Report: Seagulls - Raised By Their Parents to Hate Man

For centuries man has attempted to domesticate and train Seagulls as navigational helpers or messengers.  Over the years we as people have given more and more trust to these gulls and little did we know the hatred they have for man. 177 more words


On Curating My Books

Beyond the quagmire of what to read next and the multi-page TBR lies an even greater eternal struggle for bookworms the world over: a lack of sufficient shelf space. 799 more words



The bodies of these shorebirds are actually shrinking, and global warming is the cause

For red knot shorebirds that nest in the Arctic and fly across the globe every year, timing is everything — a matter of life and death. 329 more words

Global Warming

People Are Just the Worst. And So Are Goldfish

Work in conservation for any length of time and you’ll gradually find yourself becoming a glum misanthropist. It might even have happened to me already. I just don’t know. 275 more words



It’s always bittersweet coming to recognize that it is time to let something go.  Drawing the line in the sand and saying, “enough” takes courage and strength.   346 more words


The Green Glossary - C

Another week in the on-going green glossary series. You get the idea by now:

Canada Goose, n. – A great big, stupid-faced, honking idiot we are forced to remain on good terms with for appearances sake. 708 more words