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The Art of Culling

Jessie: Turning up the heat and watching the leaves flutter to the ground.

As the weather has turned cooler I’ve been spending a lot of time in my office lately. 443 more words

pause: go

there will be a lot of ‘unfolding’ in the next few days, maybe weeks, knowing my long winded way of getting to things … there’ll be morbid poetry (er-hem, I mean, More, morbid poetry) ramblings and raging and/or morose music. 467 more words


Hohes Opfer!

Pretty cool! An elderly 64 year old man killed at least 50 people in Vegas and then himself. Fucking awesome.

The WSA352 has a rite called Hohes Opfer which deals with this topic: 606 more words


Roscoe RIP - Culling versus Mercy Killing

The hardest part about homesteading isn’t the work.  It’s figuring out the right thing to do and having the strength to do it.

This morning before breakfast, I went into the coop, picked up our big daddy rooster Roscoe, and carried him to the kill cone. 1,093 more words

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Guest Post by Robin Page:
Badgers, Bees , Disappearing Hedgehogs, and of Course Bovine TB …
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Culling animals “ethically”

In reading group earlier this month Linda Riquelme led a discussion on the issue of wildlife culling. This is something that relates to projects a few of us in the lab work on. 1,373 more words


“Several of the companies which offer the opportunity to kill Scottish hares also offer hunting trips in various African countries, such as Zimbabwe” https://www.onekind.scot/is-one-of-those-hares-named-cecil/

‘Scottish hares’ offered for hunting in Zimbabwe may be in breach of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) legislation.