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Echoes Through Time – Page 157: “Escape Stratholme”

As Deserous flashbacks to his escape from the culling of Stratholme we see him in his former human life as Desmond, fleeing the city carrying ahold of his wife Katharine. 143 more words

Echoes Through Time

The truth is... I'm a slob or a hoarder or a bit of both.

I guess at some point or another we have to face ourselves in the mirror or in this case, a picture or two – to be able to see who we are to the outside world. 327 more words


Cleaning and culling

Neglecting to keep on top of the more routine housekeeping routines has consequences. There is physical and mental clutter that has piled up while I was studying, with the best of intentions to read or deal with it later when I was done.  204 more words


An Udderly Genetic Fault

Fact is, Abigail’s only mothering fault is her udder.  That’s a pretty important consideration.  Devastatingly so.

A cow’s udder has 4 quarters.  Her front two became extremely enlarged several weeks prior to delivery.   428 more words

Country Living

The Urge to Purge

Dimitris and I have been living together for more than a year now, and we have become more and more familiar with each other’s characteristics. He is “Mr. 187 more words

The ultimate guide for clearing your room...

Hey guys!

So recently I had what could be called a room mid-life crisis.

It was tough, but I’m getting through it… (*wipes tear*)

But seriously, I needed to redecorate my room. 711 more words


My Turkey is Broody

I think Gina is going broody. And while I don’t actually mind it, her timing isn’t great, since I am collecting eggs this week for a lady who wants to try hatching turkey eggs. 657 more words