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Monday Bird of the Week No.42 - Barnacle Goose

Last week we looked at the big and noisy end of the goose world. Today it is something smaller, daintier, prettier, but no less persecuted. The Barnacle Goose. 304 more words


Monday Bird of the Week No.41 - Greylag Goose

Today we explore another big bird that frequently finds itself in conflict with humans. This time a native, the Greylag Goose. 513 more words


160 mm of rain - John van der Goes

I spent the end of March and beginning of April in the Nelson area on holiday. The first weekend was spent with our wine club visiting vineyards, tasting their products, and seeing some of the sights. 651 more words

Pasture Cover

Flock Decisions

I have been thinking a lot about flock management lately. Now that I know every chicken isn’t going to keel over and die from Marek’s disease or something else, I need to start making more pragmatic decisions about each chicken and their usefulness to the flock as a whole. 1,534 more words


May Day! May Day! - Iceberg sighted Change Direction!

As the Titanic sank on colliding with an iceberg, no one really believed this could have ever been possible inasmuch as perceived strength of such innovation demanded any questioning of the invincible to be heresy and fantasy. 1,467 more words

Dreams And Realities

Monday Bird of the Week No.40 - Canada Goose

The birds we will be covering in the next couple of weeks may well be the most unpopular of all the birds I cover in this series. 271 more words


Attitude Adjustment

Things are definitely different here. We’re off to work on the storage today. I have a large bag of papers to take to Staples for shredding. 144 more words

Digging Out From Under