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“The Scottish Gamekeepers Association even warn that: ‘… The over-grazing damage was caused solely by mountain hares.'” https://www.onekind.scot/killing-mountain-hares-is-not-conservation/

The lack of native vegetation can in no way be attributed to (a) plagues of red grouse or (b) regular torching with accelerants.

Agenda 21 Plan To Depopulate Earth In Full Swing With Forecast For 2025

 US POPULATION PROJECTED @ 61Million In 2025 By Jooish USG Contractor!!! Anonymous (ID: K3oPhci+)  04/10/18(Tue)01:54:12 No.167471638


WTF!!! Where did the other 300mm go?!?>!?!


The Case For Culling

Legal Disclaimer: The culling of human beings has been decreed an illegal and criminal action by all 21st century human societies and governments. The author of this essay does not promote or support any illegal act. 1,469 more words

Social Commentary


New Zealand to cull 20,000 cattle hit by disease outbreak

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has said that all cattle on properties infected with the cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis will be culled, and will be working with farmers to do that from today. 149 more words


A Fortnight to Go!

Soooooooo, we are just about out of our abode, ensconced in the in-law’s, (sister-in-law) place.

Last week at work. Tying up loose ends.

SVDP in line for one last cull of the gear we are taking. 50 more words

The Badger Cull

An analysis of the ethics and effectiveness of culling, and a call to action for animal rights advocates everywhere. 1,784 more words


Gumtree etiquette

There’s a whole world out there of buying and selling possibilities on Gumtree, and if you haven’t already discovered this free Aussie online marketplace, where have you even been? 581 more words