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Steam Games Are Now Even More Susceptible To Review Bombing

(Source: steamed.kotaku.com)

Valve recently updated Steam’s review system to focus more on the here and now. The review section gives more weight to recently published reviews, and there’s a new “recent” percentage score. 781 more words


The US Air Force Gets It

Check out Billy Badass here.  He gets it and so does his Chain of Command.  The US Air Force doesn’t fuck around with bird strikes.  They know the US taxpayer has forked over plenty to get those Freedom Machines up in our airspace protecting our National Security interests, and they’re not going to let a few rats with wings interfere. 85 more words


Canada Goose Population Explosion

For some reason, the Canada Goose, not to be confused with the Canadian Goose, which doesn’t exist, was having a rough time back in the 60’s.   85 more words



One of the aspects of spring, easy for urbanites to ignore, is the culling.  The birthing season for many farm animals means deciding which of the newborns will live, which will be sold, which will be food for the family.   558 more words


Our gardeners, the chickens, and other tales

When picking out our flock 4 years ago, my wife and I went to the local co-op and chose several varieties; Buff Orpington, Red Sexlinks, Amber Star, Ameraucana. 1,227 more words

Day To Day Life

Fast Photo Culling - Stay Ahead of the Megapixel Race

Today’s digital cameras are wonderful tools for casual shooters as well as dedicated hobbyists. Some of them rival with the best professional equipment in image quality and resolution, with 8, 10, 12 or even more megapixels. 434 more words