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The dark side of Canberra: the killing of Joe Cinque

Not many murders happen in Canberra, thankfully, and when they do, they draw considerable attention. Especially when they are as mystifying and disturbing as the killing of Joe Cinque in 1997. 1,254 more words


B Lame (AKA Blame)

If you don’t like the concept of accountability, then you’re probably not going to like this post because this is not a rambling, but a ranting.

More to come…


The Most Common Parent Trap

I think that one of the wildest traps we fall into as parents, is this obsession with not wanting to harm our babies psychologically. I mean we literally tie our own hands with wanting to do everything absolutely right while we know that this is not even humanly possible… … 311 more words


Expert Affiliate Marketing Tips You culpability Use Right Now

Affiliate marketing fault be quite profitable if you appreciate how to go about making a success out of it. This article was written to help you enter upon that work from home dream a reality. 728 more words

Affiliate Marketing

Duty and leisure don't mix

Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins

– Unknown

Choices fall into three types.

First we have two types of duty*. A positive duty is a duty to choose a particular course of action, such as to keep a promise, to help people in need, or to hold those in power to account. 1,174 more words


Water Wells

The subject of water wells arises twice in the Lombard laws, in both instances being a fount of interesting information about the legislative mentalities underlying the laws and early medieval Lombard society as a whole. 1,181 more words

Lombard Law

Understanding family violence

Day after day, week after week, judgments roll out from the courts, accounting for offenders’ months and years committing awful family violence, often of reoffending broken by lengthy prison terms during which offenders only lacked opportunity to demonstrate their propensity for horrific domestic abuse. 465 more words