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The Game of Blames


As we gather

Here today

Let us bend

Our heads

To play

The game

Of blames…

One two

Who am I

What is you

Whose is… 29 more words

Bad and Boujee (I was listening to trap music when I was writing this post, I know it's spelt bougié grammar nazi)

You know you’re fucked when you start googling “How to keep up witty text conversations with your crush.” It shouldn’t be that hard, right? But I’m jumping the gun, digressing even before I start. 986 more words

Random Thoughts



Did I?

Do I?

When I?


If in holy only

It would…


©K Barr


Life isn’t what I make it

‘Cos I can’t

And all my busy doing

Is my undoing done

Before I take

Another breath

Already I’ve become… 11 more words

The dark side of Canberra: the killing of Joe Cinque

Not many murders happen in Canberra, thankfully, and when they do, they draw considerable attention. Especially when they are as mystifying and disturbing as the killing of Joe Cinque in 1997. 1,254 more words


B Lame (AKA Blame)

If you don’t like the concept of accountability, then you’re probably not going to like this post because this is not a rambling, but a ranting.

More to come…


The Most Common Parent Trap

I think that one of the wildest traps we fall into as parents, is this obsession with not wanting to harm our babies psychologically. I mean we literally tie our own hands with wanting to do everything absolutely right while we know that this is not even humanly possible… … 311 more words