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What does distraction mean for political theory and political philosophy?

Soon after becoming Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis found himself surrounded by civil servants whose loyalties he could not assume and staff parachuted in by a political party with which he had little prior affiliation. 478 more words


Fashioning our faith

What if our ideals of who God is were found to be false, at worst, or misunderstood, at best? That He does predestine souls to hell, just as He categorically predestines souls to heaven. 1,052 more words


Writing Is Bad for You. Stop. #writing #amwriting

I think you will be able to see how Doug’s catharsis in the writing of this blog emboldened him to continue to be wreckless, be exiled from the caves, and be tasked to follow the old High Priestess, Zusoiti, who takes over the up-top world. 209 more words



It had been the darkest and the brightest night:
Waves of screams had rippled through the gloom,
Groans of ecstasy had echoed off the walls; 165 more words

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Obligation. Responsibility. Culpability

A conversation with a friend a few days ago has made me think about another frame in which to consider action and effect. One which acknowledges the complex, entangled nature of our social relationships and the delicate balance of forces that hold that web of relationships together. 148 more words


Culpability for Sins Related to Addiction

One of the most common questions I see is how culpable are addicted Catholics for their sins caused by addiction. After all, if they are fully culpable for the sin, they are in a state of mortal sin, a very serious situation. 1,215 more words

Catholic Insights

The Last We Saw of Bentley

Life has not always been tea parties with white Jacquard napkins from Belgium. (I’m referring to my previous post.) For instance, I used to live two doors down from a drug addict. 1,386 more words