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The Lady of the Woods

I pass forth into light–I find myself
Beneath a weeping birch (most beautiful
Of forest trees, the Lady of the Woods) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The autumnal equinox is coming in few days and the Sun will enter the sign of Libra.

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Rusted Roof

A view from the Fleetwood Heights. Culpeper, Virginia.


August in the Woods

August, the last meteorological month of summer. One last scamper before the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ( © Keats) is upon us.

The leafy trees are in full flush and the dark woodland floor is devoid of flowers. 346 more words


back at it

Anyone else looking around, wondering where the summer went and realizing it’s time to mozy on in to fall?!  Well, I am!  After our big Czech/Germany trip I took a few… 348 more words


Encounter on a train

My friend Ruth and I parted ways at Union Station, she to Hampton via Greyhound for her brother’s funeral and I to my sister Sheila’s via the Metro. 114 more words


Culpepper: Sound Advice

There is a man in my family, well my mother’s side of the family to be precise, who is most trusted. A man generations have turned to year after year for sound words of advice, for uplifting anecdotes and for insights into the human body and mind. 686 more words


Revealed Tactical USA Flag Patch Subdued Silver by Gadsden

Tactical knives were originally made for the military to use in combat or to use as a tool out in the field. tactical Knives have a variety of functions including helping soldiers in wilderness survival situations, acting as an effective combat or self-defense weapon, and some were even designed with a small serration for sawing of small branches. 142 more words