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By the Light of the Fever-, Gout- and Plague-Inducing Moon: Lunar Medicine

Today, July 20th, is Moon Day! To commemorate the day humans first walked on the moon in 1969, the Dittrick Museum looks at how centuries of scholars considered the movements of the moon and planets as having a great impact on health. 818 more words

Medical History

Skyway Sidewalk

Over the past several weeks visitors to the house have made comments to me that the flower bed (aka the weed bed) didn’t look right.  With all of the other issues with the house dealing with a flower bed was the least of my concerns.  320 more words


The builder without a clue

So Trigon Homes sent out a crew on July 8th to look at the window and why it was leaking.  As a reminder this was first reported on July 1st. 640 more words


If you don't believe just us...

Our neighbors in the cul-de-sac behind us, closed in December 2015.  They may actually beat us with quantity and severity of issues with their house. 33 more words


We posted on Yelp

At this time, if you search for the builder.  Yelp will be the second or third link that is returned.  You can review my scathing, truthful review here: 6 more words


A Public Negative Review

After the latest issues with the house, its time to start cranking up the volume on how bad of an experience this house and builder have been.  75 more words


The issues continue....foundation cracking thru to the basement and water pouring in under a sealed window

I think the pictures and videos explain this well enough.  Just keep scrolling down to see everything.

This video was taken around 11:45 pm on June 30, 2015.  35 more words