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Turmeric By Any Other Name

The problem with turmeric is that I have a hard time pronouncing it. I’m one of those people whose vocabulary expanded through reading voraciously. There are many words that I know how to use and spell correctly, but their correct pronounciation continues to elude me. 1,272 more words


I Promise Not To Kill You

My thirteen-year-old child is not as enthusiastic about my new hobby as I thought he would be. My son generally is into the wackadoodle, too, and he loves adventure books in which the young hero possesses special knowledge that enables him to slay the dragon or save the village or whatever. 1,201 more words


Old House Vineyards and Distillery

And coming soon, the Old House Brewery.

On a rainy mid winter day, the urge to drive to the countryside was too much to resist.  It was cloudy, drizzly, cool (but not too cold), grey and wet near Washington DC.  259 more words


A Cup of Sage Tea: Induced Abortion Has a Long History in Women's Health Care

“Reading my Culpeper and feeling a bit blown away to learn sage is an abortifacient!”

This is the message I sent to the two women (my sister-in-law, Melissa, and friend, Kelly) who I went to the introductory herbalism class with. 970 more words