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#12: The Prisoner (1967) - TV Series

This week Dave and Ashley wander into a brave new world: cult TV. First up is Dave’s pick, psychedelic/spy/sci-fi classic THE PRISONER (1967-1968). This genre-defying series about a kidnapped former spy (Patrick McGoohan), who awakens in a seemingly idyllic coastal enclave called The Village, has Ashley looking for information, information, information. 74 more words

Dave's Picks

Preview: The Gentle Touch - The Complete Series (DVD)

The first police series to show a woman at Detective Inspector level, The Gentle Touch stars Jill Gascoine as Maggie Forbes – a tough but compassionate cop who is also a single mother to a teenage son following the murder of her police constable husband. 84 more words


Preview: Shadows - The Complete Series (DVD)

Memorable, atmospheric and superbly scripted, this remarkable series gave ’70s schoolkids an unforgettable anthology of spine-tingling psychological and supernatural tales. Strongly remembered to this day, … 173 more words


Promo - Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger- Ep. 20: The New Thief Is A Police Officer?

There’s a silver shinkansen and a golden locomotive train seen departing from the city of Paris. Sitting in the driver’s seat, is a mysterious man wearing a silver hood. 73 more words


Promo - Kamen Rider Build Ep. 41: The Truth of the Best Match

Katsuragi Shinobu, Sento’s father and the lead researcher behind the Pandora Box and Banjo Ryuga… is alive?! In order to confirm if this was true, Ryuga was given an important piece of data. 61 more words


Preview: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Vol. 4 - DELUXE EDITION (Bluray)

This DELUXE set is limited to 1250 units, the first 1000 of which are available to pre-order now exclusively through NetworkOnAir!

This set contains the following: 285 more words


Review: Under the Flower – Circle of Hell Ep. 1- Ring around the Rosie

Under the Flower – Circle of Hell Ep: 1- Ring around the Rosie

The dream like visual of this 5 minute short almost have a Disney quality about them and the story reminds me of the type of fantasy adventure Disney used to thrive off; although I feel this might take a darker direction during the seasons run. 114 more words