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'Don't take the Bible literally' says scholar who brought to light earliest Latin analysis of the Gospels

Dr. Hugh Houghton, Reader on New Testament Textual Scholarship, in his office at Birmingham University. CREDIT: ANDREW FOX

he earliest Latin interpretation of the Gospels has been brought to light by a British academic – and it suggests that readers should not take the Bible literally. 457 more words


Sherlock Special The Abominable Bride


Sherlock Special The Abominable Bride

In 1886, Watson was medical soldier in the war. After war he back to London, he mets his friend Stamford. 566 more words


My Thoughts On "The Girls" by Emma Cline

This book is very different from any other books I’ve read before in my life, which is not that long, just like almost 15 years. Since about a year ago, I started reading more “grown up” books. 281 more words


About Cults

Upon invitation, I arrived at the place to meet like-minded people. It was a dark pub and it smelled like deep evening in during the day. 1,174 more words

The Girls by Emma Cline (book review)

“Girls are the only ones who can really give each other close attention, the kind we equate with being loved. They noticed what we want noticed.” 378 more words