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I Think The Time Is Right To Finally Start My Own Cult Or: Why We Don't Post After Midnight On A Thursday

In a world full of flat earth truthers, people who think the sun is cold and sports talk radio callers who insist on taking their answers off the air, we are living in a very interesting time. 441 more words


Welcome to our Satanic Death Cult!

All hail Baphomet, and welcome to our Satanic Death Cult! We are so glad that you have chosen our coven as your conduit to the Dark Lord of Hell. 284 more words

Regarding Childhood

If you have ever seen “The Wolfpack” or “Captain Fantastic” then you will get a similar vision of how my childhood was. I grew up in what some people may regard as a cult. 742 more words


The Doctah Diaries: R. Kelly Is Apparently Holding Aspiring Female Musicians Hostage

Before we begin, let’s all hope Dave Chappelle is hard at work on a new R. Kelly scandal song. I’m thinking ‘I’ll Never Let You Fly (The Hostage Song)’ to the beat of ‘ I Believe I Can Fly. 516 more words


Maybe Now Y’all Will Stop Gifting Your Daughters To R. Kelly

If you haven’t read the latest article regarding R. Kelly, you can find it here. It’s been trending on Twitter all day with most not at all shocked over his actions. 1,123 more words

Sexual Abuse

R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive, Joycelyn Savage, Responds to Her Dad’s Latest Video and Insists She’s Fine

If you’re keeping up, the three sets of parents have come forth with allegations that R. Kelly has an abusive sex cult in which he’s holding six women captive — including their daughters. 95 more words

Tanisha D Davis

LYONE Teaches Us About Cults & Self-Discovery In Her Debut Record Middle Class Dreamers

Athens-based songstress LYONE did not just go through the “starving-artist” rite of passage that many creatives go through – she survived a cult. In her own theatrical fashion, she sketched out the portrait of a cult leader in her single “Monster” back in May and now bares it beyond that experience with her debut record… 97 more words