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The importance of an education

Educated by Tara Westover was one of the biggest books of last year, so I’m a little late to the party with this one, but… 713 more words


March 22nd 2019

It has come to my attention recently that many folk do not actually know what the Ministry of Shrawley Walks is. Many times I am accosted in the street by a fan recognising me from the big branded jumper I am wearing and oversized bowler hat, clown shoes and a pair of silver hot pants. 190 more words

Day To Day

You’re a Unitarian? Isn't that a cult?

No. And it’s Unitarian Universalist, please. People drop the “Universalist” like they drop the “Benz” from “Mercedes-Benz”. I’ve been a Unitarian Universalist since 1973. Many people think we are a cult. 362 more words


Lawrence Wright's Look at the Satanic Panic

Book review: Remembering Satan, by Lawrence Wright (Amazon / Book Depository)

Journalist Lawrence Wright is one of my favorite nonsense-busters. It just doesn’t get past him. 1,069 more words

Book Review

#2060 - Occult Goings On

It’s quite spacious. All 150 of them ought to be able to fit quite nicely.

Sketch A Day

A New Christian Cult?

Some proponents of the LGBT movement insist that it is compatible with Christianity. Is that true? Christianity is defined by the Bible. Does the Bible allow for a new or evolving Christian sexual ethic? 2,179 more words