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The Devils (1971)

A drama set in the wake of the 17th century war between Catholics and Protestants. Or, more specifically, about demonic possession, witchcraft and the denouncing of Catholic priest Urbain Grandier (Oliver Reed) in Loudun, France, courtesy of some crazy-assed nuns when Cardinal Richelieu was on the prowl. 177 more words



The date of May 1st has come up in many conversations in the last few months. In fact we planned for this day. But not in the ways you might be imagining. 1,706 more words


Big Trouble in Little China

If you want to enjoy Big Trouble in Little China the correct way, listen to its director, John Carpenter, and star, Kurt Russell, who will cheerfully tell you that the man you might assume is the hero — intrepid trucker Jack Burton (Russell) — is actually the film’s idiot sidekick. 687 more words


When good cults go bad

Now there’s a paradox.  Is there any such thing as a good cult?

As the weather continues to warm in the northern hemisphere, cults that rely on outreach campaigns step up the recruitment drives.  724 more words


Video: "Feminism is about equality"

e.g. Like we need the self-styled likes of “Em Wats” telling us to read a depressing book about someone with a mental illness who refuses treatment. 353 more words

Podlet Episode 2: Doctor Strange preview


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Ahead of our next full episode about Sliders – here’s our quick take on the current Marvel Cinematic Universe situation: Doctor Strange trailer (and whether Benedict Cumberbatch can be arsed), Captain America: Civil War preview (why does everyone care about bloody Bucky) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (why it could be awesome). 11 more words

Podcast Episode

The False Teaching Confronted by Paul: What was it? Where did it come from? Why is this relevant to biblical equality?

In 1st Timothy chapter 4, the apostle Paul confronts a false teaching that he portrays as ascetic.  In other words, someone was teaching that the body and its appetites are evil and must therefore be renounced.  2,639 more words