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My First Blog Post

My First Blog


“Hold on to Faith in being kind to everyone no matter even if they hate you or take advantage of them. See if Faith in doing good and being kind and never returning abuse rewards you in some way.”

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Giuliani's Cuckoo Praise for the MEK

From Daniel Larison in The American Conservative:

“When Giuliani affirms that the MEK’s agenda ‘looks just like our Bill of Rights,’ you begin to wonder if he has undergone some of the group’s brainwashing techniques. 143 more words


Atheism and Polytheism

European man is a critical and rational thinker. He wants to see prove for what he’s supposed to believe, and he doesn’t want to build his beliefs on mere superstitions just because they have been passed down to him. 2,219 more words

Talking To Myself

I had a long talk with myself the other day. I was in the state of mind where I was lingering, waiting for life to show me the correct way I should be going towards. 556 more words


Cults: my own experience

Fair warning: this is a long one, so I’ll give you the short version first:

In my youth I was involved in a cult and in some special interest groups that exhibited cult-like qualities. 1,737 more words

The Totalitarian 'They'

From Rod Dreher (analyzing an NYT column from yet another asylum escapee) in The American Conservative:

“Right. We’re the ones who are ‘irredeemably obsessed’ with genitalia, not the progressives who can’t stop talking about it. 77 more words