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Cult of the Week: "Dr Faustus"

Dr Faustus show

  Admittedly, I hadn’t read any reviews before I went to see the play, I don’t usually do, as I don’t want to be conditioned.   431 more words


When The Stars Come Down

Yes Pastor, even the stars will be dissolved. You/your Ministry will be burned up like fire. Unless (drumroll). Unless.you.Repent. With all that signifies. You have demeaned/demanded, abject Suckup to Your own Holiness Starr R. 283 more words

Star Scott

Daily Word Meditation, Day Thirty Eight “Community”

Daily Word Meditation, Day Thirty Eight “Community” 3/18/16

by Lisa King | Friday, March 18

Community is something that until recently, I have struggled with. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a supportive and collective community, especially surrounding my art and music. 720 more words

Daily Musings Of A Madwoman

The Big Steal (1949)

When is a film noir not a film noir? When it’s a fast and funny send-up shot in daylight by DoP Harry J. Wild on location in Mexico. 191 more words


New Directions

Our heroes wake in the security of the temple buildings.

The Monk, Ramas Zolis, sat upright meditating as the others stirred from slumber. Still bewildered and confused by the rapid shift in their lives, they each desired a chance to touch base with the familiar. 1,965 more words


A Shadow over Cuttersley

Carnage in Cuttersley

The Carnival of the Day of the Dead: in honour of Anubis.

All of Cuttersley and its surrounding villagers were there in the throng about the Temple of All Gods. 1,729 more words


The Hollowrim Saga

A good friend invited me to join a Dungeons & Dragons campaign a few months ago, set in the Hollowrim Archipelago.

The story here will follow the trials and tribulations of my character Taman Galanodel, a half-elf bard whom you’ll soon learn has an alter ego and a rather disturbing past. 1,042 more words